Synonyms for Water:


focus, shut, blink, open, adjust, squeeze, see, liquid, screw up. compost, pond, drill, lagoon, feed, deadhead, bed out, pool, puddle, bonsai, cross-pollinate, spring, cross-fertilize, aerate, basin, dam, reservoir. attenuate, circumstance, conditions, dilute, position, environment, context, strong, background, state of affairs, cut, event, climate, weaken, situation, thin. distilled water, limewater, ice, brine, fluid, running water, electrolyte. brewery, freshen, brewer, jigger, microbrewery, draft, pour out, head, mash, brew. ground, groundwater, field, neck, channel, open water, Narrows, inlet, sound. drool, salivate, pucker, dribble, hawk, slobber, drop. mere, L, tank, millpond, loch. beverage (noun)
cocoa, drink, soda pop, coffee, lemonade, soft drink, tea, beverage, punch, milk, beer, pop, milk shake, nectar, soda, ale, eggnog, liquor, juice.
moisture (noun)
pure liquid hydrogen and oxygen (noun)
h2o, rain, drink, aqua.
river (noun)
flood, torrent, creek, river, brook, watercourse, stream, freshet, rivulet.
stream (noun)
flow, waterfall, tidal wave, cataract, jet, wave, high tide.
water (noun)
dew, water system, ocean, aqua, weewee, piddle, immersion, water supply, dilution, h2o, sea, rain, bath, body of water, wetness, irrigation, deluge, irrigate, lake, sprinkle, moisture.
wet (noun)


dampen; put water in (verb)
flood, moisten, drool, sprinkle, wet, irrigate, weaken, spray, thin, dilute.
moisten (verb)
humidify, spray, splatter, dampen, splash, wet, moisten.

Other synonyms:

loch, millpond. brine, pond, mere, channel, attenuate. lagoon, reservoir. weaken. tank. L. cut. drool

Usage examples for water

  1. But I came over water – In the Border Country by Josephine Daskam Bacon
  2. Are we- are we out of water – The Lost Warship by Robert Moore Williams
  3. Without water a man cannot live a week, sir. – The Heart of Rome by Francis Marion Crawford