Synonyms for Stand:


consider, reckon, know best, have a mind of your own, adhere to, believe in, incline, think. act, pursue, carry out, perform, stage, station, platform, execute, go about. finance, pay out, bear the cost/expense etc., invest in, Upspring, disburse, fund, spend. Astroturf, crease, right, the box, the bench, bleachers, horizontal, clay, baseline, bowl, court, alley. trek, stride, take, wander, walk, lump, stroll, step, hike, saunter, stray, amble. treat, reputation, feeling, self-assessment, blow, impression, stance. recommend, take the part of, champion, side with, align oneself with, get/leap/rise/stagger etc. to your feet, go to bat for, advocate, sit-up, stand by, regain your feet, get behind, uphold, straighten up. chase, trial run, push, attempt, try, effort. enter into, get in on, DO, take part (in something), join, sit in on, join in, involve, participate, engage in. braise, broil, boil, charbroil, barbecue, burn, brown, bake, baste, boil down. pile, put down, set out, balance, position. canvass, sweep to/from power, represent, campaign, get in. bookstall, flea market, farmers' market, cattle market, cattle auction, bazaar, corn exchange, market. witness stand, jury box, chambers, the dock, bullpen, chancery, witness box. dinner table, countertop, counter, dinette set, card table, breakfast bar, dinette, bench, coffee table, dining table. filing cabinet, footstool, console, coatstand, bookshelf, coat peg, hassock, bookcase, cheval glass, dressing table. bottomless, fathom, bottommost, deeply, fathomless, knee-deep, depth, come down, deep. course, crest, channel, cast up, burst, deepen, dash, break, catch, come in. go along, proceed, outlive, bubble, remain, go on. stand for, volunteer, content yourself with something, be agreeable to something, do something of your own accord, readiness, volition, will. state, preservation, condition, as is, composition, constitution, shape. standardize, regularize, maintain, jog along, level, preserve, stabilize. linger, stay behind, tarry, keep, stick around. sink or swim, go solo, be alone in (doing) something, fend for yourself, stand-alone, do your own thing, mind your own business. be halfway there, someone should/will go far, be in/out of the running, have something in your pocket, the cards are stacked in someone's favor, you can't go wrong, someone's getting there, be onto a winner, have a fighting chance. attitude (noun)
base, stage (noun)
station, rack, place, support, counter, platform, stall.
insist (noun)
declare, take a position, say, assert, fight.
kiosk (noun)
position (noun)
belief, view, opinion, attitude, notion.
position, opinion (noun)
belief, standpoint, stance, attitude, view, notion.
stance (noun)
stand (noun)
endure, suffer, put up, pedestal, abide, standpoint, tolerate, support, stands, stall, rack, standstill, viewpoint, stomach, brook, base, sales booth, remain firm, fend, stand up, bear, resist, tie up, bandstand, outdoor stage, point of view.
table (noun)
dining table, dinner table.


be in force, exist (verb)
rest, pause, endure, stay, belong, occupy, remain.
be or get upright (verb)
position, settle, set, locate, put.
contact (verb)
stand up.
contend (verb)
dispute, hassle, clash, quarrel, conflict, contend, oppose, wrangle, dissent, encounter, antagonize, resist, wrestle, contrast, face, defend, confront, argue, bicker, brawl, withstand, protest, vie, struggle.
endure, bear (verb)
tolerate, suffer, brook, withstand, abide, stomach, take.
rest (verb)
tranquilize, quiet, stagnate, subside, slumber, settle down, vegetate, pause, fix, still, settle, calm, becalm, mark time, rest, stay, wait, sleep.

Other synonyms:

cattle auction, impression, trial run, Upspring, stick around, platform, cattle market, flea market, exist, witness stand, opinion, corn exchange, attempt, stay behind, jury box, witness box, farmers' market, reputation. bookstall, self-assessment, bazaar, straighten up, belong, bullpen, try, linger, chancery, tarry, bench. chase, effort, sit-up, spend, remain, canvass, composition, preservation. feeling, treat, occupy, constitution, market. fight, get in, campaign. represent, view. shape. push. condition, state. balance, blow. keep, take. set. board
position, stance, attitude.
put up.
stay behind.
stand up.

Usage examples for stand

  1. I can't stand it, I tell you. – The Inside of the Cup, Volume 5 by Winston Churchill
  2. I guess I can stand it a while." – The Happy Family by Bertha Muzzy Bower
  3. How are you going to stand it; with a woman who-? – The Project Gutenberg Plays of John Galsworthy, Complete by John Galsworthy