Synonyms for Fall:


Judaism (noun)
dairy, chief rabbi, bar mitzvah, the Ark of the Covenant, bat mitzvah, the Bible, the Fall, chanukah, gentile.
election, sin, disenfranchise, advance poll, error, electioneering, chad, transgression, direct elections, beauty contest, campaign, elect, by election. link, rain, association, tie, relations, connection, partnership, sleet, reconciliation, relationship, snow, rainfall, rapport, covering, carpet, chemistry, blanket. go into, diversify, harvest, alter, change, shift, september, convert, october, change into, tend, turn into, november, become. conquer, chute, invade, annex, cascade, subdue, storm, cataract, seize, waterfall, subjugate, suppress, occupy, besiege. corner, boxing, count out, bantamweight, box, bare-knuckle, take chances, boxer, risk, act indiscreetly, arm-wrestling, take risks, cross, bout. enunciate, pronounce, articulation, roll/trip/slip off the tongue, intone, stutter, articulate, pronunciation, diction, stammer. cut, cutback. bed, bottom, channel, bayou, confluence, backwater, bight, branch. elimination, massacre, beating, revenge, demolition, rout, skid, drubbing, hammering. bed down, hunker down, bunk, cuddle up, right, curl up, lay. bomb, transpire, fail of success, fall short, fall through, thrive. glimpse, spot, witness, observe, pick out, see. break, quaver, lift, harden, modulate. lose your balance/footing. lay off, pension off, dismiss, give someone notice, pay off, ease out, discharge, pink slip, fire, retire. dangle, string, suspend, droop, hang out, sling. try, unfold, open up, crack something open, undo, burst open, force, unlock, pry, unscrew. drown, lay down your life, lose your life, starve, suffocate, breathe your last (breath). trip, pratfall, landing. act (noun)
spill, tumble.
cascade (noun)
defeat (noun)
defeat, overthrow (noun)
collapse, destruction, abasement, downfall, breakdown, humiliation, surrender, capitulation, degradation.
descent (noun)
grade, slope, comedown, descent.
descent; lowering (noun)
ebb, declivity, nose dive, slip, recession, dive, plunge, abatement, cut, reduction, drop, spill, decline, slope, decrease, plummet, tumble, incline, slump, pratfall.
fall (noun)
free fall, gloaming, shine, spill, come, pin, dusk, declivity, downslope, decline, twilight, flow, descend, tumble, nightfall, lessen, devolve, go down, autumn, diminish, come down, declension, descent, precipitate, surrender, pass, hang, evenfall, downfall, capitulation, decrease, settle, return, drop, declination, strike.
fall apart (noun)
break, collapse.
fall back (noun)
fall in (noun)
come down, sink, collapse.
fall off (noun)
decline, slump, lessen, decrease, slacken.
fall through (noun)
collapse, fail.


be overthrown by an enemy; surrender (verb)
perish, succumb, bend, die.
descend (verb)
tumble, drop, slump, topple, descend, slip, plunge, sink, fall down, plummet, come down, lower, settle, slide, decline.
die (verb)
end, expire, die, perish, cease, decease, depart, pass away, succumb, part, pass, pass on.
happen (verb)
stative (verb)
shine, strike, come.

Other synonyms:

bunk, slacken, pick out, observe, skid. massacre, remit, abate, ebb. landing, modulate. lay. witness. trip. see. cut. catch. break. deteriorate
fall short, fall through.
fall down, stumble.

Usage examples for fall

  1. She did not fall into a well this time. – Out of the Air by Inez Haynes Irwin
  2. " George," she continued, after a minute or two, " you will not let me fall into his hands?" – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope
  3. Women fall in love that way, so often! – The Other Girls by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney