Synonyms for Service:


bill of fare, brown-bag, cellar, check, booth, all-you-can-eat, bus, bill, BYO. brisk, brick-and-mortar, setting, all-night, anticompetitive, silver, set, big, china, accredited, business-to-business, bloated, collective, pottery. worship, charge, call for, bar, bring in a verdict, sermon, acquit, acquittal, award, annul, citation. active duty, Beleaguered, used, duty, active service, bombed-out, aggressor, battle cry, black out, belligerent, air cover. branch, council, administration (of an estate), the civil service, customs, office, directorate, corp, ceremonial, bureau. good turn, asset, privilege, incentive, favor, kindness, grace, merit, trump card, indulgence, virtue, edge. housing, community care, health care, eldercare, Health Service, case work, Meals on Wheels, block grant, caring profession. air power, the artillery, command, C-IN-C, airborne, the Coast Guard, cavalry, air force, the armed forces. clear, liquidation, discharge, forgive, compound, liquidate, default, amortize, incur. inspection, examination, analysis, review, search, due diligence, scrutiny, survey. bless, contemplation, circumcise, circumcision, blessing, consecrate, celebrant, anoint, confession. appointed, burned-out, colonial, comfortable, carbuncle, cavernous, carpeted, brownstone, beachfront, baronial. background, collaboration, division of labor, delegation, call, appointment. conveyance, public transportation, link, public transport, departure, mass transit, freight, communication, arrivals. authenticator, concessionaire, collection agency, clearinghouse, constructor, automaker, consultancy, caterer, brokerage, bookseller. backhand, chip, dive, dribble, corner, delivery, cross, catch, blast, ball. billet, generalship, dog tag, fatigues, bust, garrison, detail, base, fort. bed-and-breakfast, minibar, room and board, room service, full board, order up, hospitality tray, housekeeping, hotel, board. breadbasket, gravy boat, creamer, cruet, carafe, flatware, coffeepot, bowl, eggcup. cover for, fill someone's shoes, work, take in, staff, be your own boss, volunteer, collaborate, double as. do up, patch, heal, heel, fix, mend, fix up, darn, maintain. maintenance, renewal, running repair, repair, refit, do-it-yourself. working, incumbent, full employment, hold-down, be back in business, in the line of duty, in harness, in someone's employ. aid (noun)
facilitation, encouragement, motivation, help, aid, avail, relief, ministration, agency, attendant, Mothering, sustenance, assistance, endowment, benefit, support.
aid, help (noun)
check, employment, maintenance, labor, office, duty, business, favor, avail, ministration, benefit, work, kindness, assistance, use, indulgence, overhaul, utility, servicing.
application (noun)
application, function, utility, utilization, operation, use, usage, exertion, exercise, conduct.
armed forces (noun)
armed service, military service.
assist (noun)
business (noun)
career, merchant, occupation, calling, corporation, job, concern, establishment, trade, partnership, activity, consortium, affair, labor, position, busy work, firm, commerce, exchange, employment, vocation, market, barter, practice, business, specialty, situation, interest, proprietorship, selling, assignment, negotiation, transaction, management, venture, station, enterprise, industry, company, holding, posting, retailing, profession, livelihood, commission.
china (noun)
help (noun)
cooperation, a good/bad turn, buddy system, contribution, hand.
military service (noun)
duty, military, stint, army.
person (noun)
Robert William Service.
rite (noun)
convocation, celebration, Siddur, holiday, wedlock, communion, canon, matrimony, ritual, missal, sacrament, rite, novena, initiation, remembrance, ceremony, sacrifice, last rites, marriage, christening, liturgy, transubstantiation, observance, mass, solemnization, evensong, confirmation, revival, vesper, nones, eucharist, baptism.
rite of a church (noun)
function, ceremony, ceremonial, liturgy, ritual, worship, observance, sermon.
service (noun)
help, serving, Robert William Service, service of process, servicing, serve, religious service, avail, inspection and repair, armed service, table service, divine service, military service, overhaul.
serviceableness (noun)
subordination (noun)
slavery, serfdom, submission, subjection, compliance, enslavement, subordination, subjugation, bondage, deference, supineness, thrall, constraint, servility, obedience, subservience.
time in military operation (noun)
active duty.
zealous (noun)
obedient, anxious to help, willing, helpful, ready.


aid (verb)
contact (verb)
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

departure, running repair, good turn, public transport, do-it-yourself, public transportation, full employment, communication, mass transit. favor, renewal, indulgence, kindness, freight, office, incumbent, duty, maintenance. conveyance, repair. mend, working. link. grace. armed
contribution, buddy system, hand.
robert william service
Robert William Service.
Other relevant words:
active service, worship, setting, refit, kindness, battle cry, favor, helpful, charge, patch, branch, china, maintenance, serving, maintain, sermon, do up, service of process, good turn, duty, working, army, overhaul, armed service, indulgence, active duty, inspection and repair, military service, blessing, bowl, air force, ball, office, table service, work, military, set, contribution, repair, Robert William Service, communication, link, religious service, ceremonial, servicing, bureau, appointment, serve, mend, darn, grace, stint, ready, fix, fix up, divine service, billet, renewal, silver, cooperation, asset, check.

Usage examples for service

  1. It is a life of service from beginning to end. – Addresses by Phillips Brooks
  2. When that is done I shall be at thy service – Peggy Owen and Liberty by Lucy Foster Madison
  3. I do like a bit of good music at service and Best himself couldn't make anything of that old wheezer we've got now. – The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories by Arnold Bennett