Synonyms for Assignment:


blind trust, cancel, assign, cause, alienate, cancellation, bail, attest. employ, confirm, engage, task, retain, sign, recruit, sign on, hire, take on, appoint, duty, responsibility, study at, homework. coursework, dissertation, graduation, paper, clinic, collect, master class, module, placement, admeasurement, distribution. give. office, stint, chore, work. conveyance, law, transfer, transferal, alienation. act (noun)
duty assignment.
allotment (noun)
chunk, allocation, partition, lot, percentage, division, allotment, ration, apportionment, share, dispensation, portion, split, quota, stipend, slice, part, segment, stake, parcel, piece, measure, proportion, allowance, quantum, budget.
appointment (noun)
distribution, nomination, authorization, station.
assignment (noun)
naming, appointment, grant, designation, duty assignment, assigning.
attribution (noun)
application, ascription, attribution, citation, accreditation, acknowledgement, imputation, blame, credit, mark, attachment.
business (noun)
consortium, commission, merchant, livelihood, busy work, station, employment, commerce, partnership, holding, posting, proprietorship, calling, industry, affair, labor, business, job, activity, corporation, negotiation, practice, profession, venture, career, transaction, firm, position, management, specialty, selling, vocation, exchange, situation, company, barter, retailing, trade, establishment, interest, market, concern, enterprise, service, occupation.
responsibility, task (noun)
chore, practice, position, homework, commission, appointment, job, duty, stint.
selecting or setting apart (noun)
apportionment, attribution, authorization, designation, grant, nomination, allocation, allotment, distribution, ascription.

Other synonyms:

bail, transferal, blind trust, distribution, cancel, assign, master class, coursework, admeasurement. cancellation, task, stint, duty, chore, attest, graduation, clinic, transfer. conveyance, module, paper, placement, alienate. cause, office. alienation. Other relevant words:
designation, task, work, conveyance, retain, clinic, paper, grant, duty assignment, distribution, confirm, hire, recruit, office, duty, coursework, admeasurement, collect, assigning, nomination, cancel, alienate, employ, assign, alienation, transfer, law, cancellation, homework, module, appoint, appointment, dissertation, sign, chore, give, bail, stint, authorization, graduation, transferal, engage, naming, cause, attest, placement, responsibility.

Usage examples for assignment

  1. During the Civil War, she was superintendent of hospital nurses, having the entire control of their appointment and assignment – American Men of Mind by Burton E. Stevenson
  2. Jonas was extraordinarily well pleased with his assignment – The Enchanted Canyon by Honoré Willsie Morrow