Synonyms for Church:


basilica, chapter house, mission, oratory, sanctuary. benedictine, devotions, christendom, fellowship, calvinism, sacrament, Exercises, anglican, Bible-thumper, vespers, rite, communion, ceremony, office, sermon, amish, benefice, acolyte, evensong, service, liturgy, ordinance, duty, baptist, mass, beadle, ritual. charismatic, belief, faction, denomination, order, ecumenical, lay, ism, cult, evangelical, ecclesiastical, sect, interdenominational, gathering, born-again, christianity, religion, persuasion, faith, affiliation, chapter, doctrine, creed, congregation, christian, body. church (noun)
church building, church service, Christian Church.
group (noun)
Christian Church.
house of worship (noun)
religious belief (noun)
religious belief, group (noun)
cult, denomination, faction, affiliation, chapter, communion, creed, faith, ism, religion, sect, persuasion, body, gathering, order, congregation, doctrine.
religious building (noun)
deanery, cathedral, priory, mosque, vatican, pantheon, temple, tabernacle, monastery, parsonage, pagoda, clergy house, synagogue, shrine, cloister, house of god, bishop's palace, vicarage, rectory, abbey, convent, nunnery, meetinghouse, manse, friary, chapel.
religious institution, building (noun)
chapel, mosque, house of god, cathedral, abbey, mission, temple, sanctuary, shrine, synagogue, oratory, basilica, tabernacle.
school of thought (noun)

Other synonyms:

chapter house, basilica, born-again, oratory, interdenominational, ecumenical, charismatic, devotions, christianity, sanctuary, evangelical. denomination, ecclesiastical, faith, baptist. communion, religion, christian. persuasion. lay. denomination
Other relevant words:
christianity, Exercises, Christian Church, evensong, ecclesiastical, mass, vespers, rite, cult, basilica, religion, belief, lay, christendom, devotions, order, mission, evangelical, body, charismatic, liturgy, duty, creed, affiliation, faction, gathering, ism, ritual, ecumenical, service, office, denomination, born-again, church service, congregation, faith, communion, fellowship, doctrine, sect, oratory, sanctuary, persuasion, church building, chapter.

Usage examples for church

  1. The Church And The Young Man. – Amusement: A Force in Christian Training by Rev. Marvin R. Vincent.
  2. It was a church paper office. – The Grain Of Dust A Novel by David Graham Phillips