Synonyms for Transaction:


event, undertaking, disposal, buying, prosecution, matter, discharge, purchase, pursuit, deal, happening, sale, conduct, purchasing, step. compact, argument, contract, covenant, bargain, consultation, discussion, debate, exploration, inquest, agree, commentary, talks. option, digital, E-Commerce. act (noun)
dealing, dealings.
action (noun)
enterprise, step.
agreement (noun)
bargain, compact.
business (noun)
assignment, barter, venture, career, practice, exchange, livelihood, partnership, employment, occupation, selling, specialty, establishment, job, firm, retailing, holding, proprietorship, service, industry, enterprise, corporation, negotiation, business, interest, vocation, affair, busy work, profession, commerce, station, company, labor, trade, commission, consortium, posting, calling, situation, merchant, position, market, management, activity, concern.
business dealing; undertaking (noun)
contract, step, disposal, activity, compact, deal, purchasing, negotiation, purchase, matter, buying, enterprise, business, covenant, affair, bargain, event, selling, happening, sale.
transaction (noun)
dealing, dealings.

Other synonyms:

event, disposal, pursuit. discharge, deal, sale, prosecution. contract, covenant. bargain. management
Other relevant words:
talks, dealings, conduct, digital, event, compact, undertaking, dealing, contract, inquest, purchase, prosecution, debate, E-Commerce, happening, commentary, option, step, matter, consultation, disposal, bargain, exploration, pursuit, covenant, buying, sale, agree, purchasing, argument, discharge, deal, discussion.

Usage examples for transaction

  1. I observed the greater number of the facts to which I shall refer in their origin, and the rest I learned from M. Ouvrard himself, who, when he visited Hamburg in 1808, communicated to me a variety of details respecting his immense transaction with the King of Spain. – The Project Gutenberg Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Bourrienne, Constant, and Stewarton
  2. The expulsion of the demons from the possessed, their entrance into the herd, and the destruction of the two thousand swine, were virtually one transaction and must have impressed the swineherds in its totality. – The Gospel According to St. Mark by G. A. Chadwick