Synonyms for Assistant:


all (adjective)


administrative assistant, advance person. casual, clerical, ceremonial, Coadjutant, adjutant, antisocial, collaborative, collegiate, cooperative. agent (noun)
functionary, assignee, worker.
aide (noun)
collaborator, gofer, secretary, fellow worker, subaltern, right-hand man, apprentice, sidekick, second-in-command, lackey, bodyguard, standby, adherent, clerk, mate, Man Friday, co-worker, adjutant, right hand, gal Friday, yes-man.
assistant (noun)
extra, benefactor, henchman, menial, underling, aide-de-camp, second, subordinate, attendant, laborer, associate, flunky, accessory, minion, helpmate, acolyte, abettor, functionary, auxiliary, helper, follower, attorney, agent, accomplice, help, lieutenant, ancillary, supporter, low-level, patsy, employee, chaperone, servant, Aider, partner, hireling, deputy, junior, proxy, backer, adjunct, aide, stooge.
confederate (noun)
colleague, ally, supporter.
deputy (noun)
surrogate, appointee, spokesman, representative, token, nominee, backup, stand in, arm, mouthpiece, spokeswoman, substitute, understudy, ghost, envoy, assignee, delegate, figurehead, double, dummy, alternate, emissary.
follower (noun)
helper (noun)
associate, adherent, representative, fellow worker, adjunct, apprentice, backer, auxiliary, deputy, collaborator, accessory, peon, Coadjutant, flunky, mate, partner, gofer, appointee, colleague, ally, helpmate, subordinate, secretary, backup, abettor, follower, aide, supporter, attendant, accomplice, help.
person (noun)
helper, help, supporter.
servant (noun)
help, hand, pawn, volunteer, aid, peon, vassal, subject, worker, serf, helping hand, chattel.
sidekick (noun)
subordinate (noun)
substitute (noun)
standby, substitute.

Other synonyms:

ceremonial, apprentice, collaborative, administrative assistant, adjutant, collegiate, Coadjutant, secretary, advance person, Man Friday, clerical, antisocial. clerk. cooperative. casual. partner
Other relevant words:
standby, adjutant, right-hand man, mate, subaltern, Man Friday, clerical, gal Friday, apprentice, low-level, secretary, sidekick, Coadjutant, lackey, fellow worker, ceremonial, clerk, gofer, co-worker, collaborator, adherent, collegiate.

Usage examples for assistant

  1. Harry Parkhurst asked the Scotch assistant surgeon. – Among Malay Pirates And Other Tales Of Adventure And Peril by G. A. Henty
  2. Not a messenger from the bureau, not one from the Navy Department, least of all, an aid of the Assistant Marshal's. – The-Brick-Moon-and-Other-Stories by Hale, Edward Everett