Synonyms for Corner:


collar, accost, ridge, angle, talk at, rim, edge, projection, buttonhole. business, asset, capacity, book, beauty parade, indentation, business plan, account, brokerage, Broking, cannibalize. dry, gargle, Adam's Apple, epiglottis, gingivitis, bend, agape, furry, dribble, veer, shift, turn, froth, curve. branch, brim, base, apex, bottom, bump, intersection, back, confines, bevel, junction, crossing, fork. boxing, arm-wrestling, monopoly, boxer, bout, bare-knuckle, cross, control, bantamweight, count out. dutch, hot water, dilemma, jam, soup, bus, back up, spot, difficulty, bypass, hot spot, plight, scrape, buckle up, predicament, bind, easy, fix, block in, box in, quagmire, carve up, carry, trouble, change down, car pool, deep water, pickle. delivery, dive, ball, backhand, blast, owned, chip. stress, tragedy, crisis, battle, nightmare, worst-case scenario, ordeal. damp, baseboard, frieze, clerestory, gable, front, facing, firewall, dado. hold back, count against, throttle, embarrass, disadvantage, bring up against, plague, inhibit, burden, let down. connection, bike lane, chicane, bicycle lane, camber, central reservation, carpool lane, cloverleaf. quarantine, pen in, trap, lock in, imprison, shut in, shut away, restrain, confine, restrict. angle (noun)
fork, intersection, cloverleaf, bend, edge, junction, shift, branch, projection, crossing, veer, ridge, rim.
corner (noun)
quoin, recession, niche, recess, box, turning point, street corner, nook.
crisis (noun)
predicament, dilemma.
curve (noun)
difficulty (noun)
difficulty, predicament, impasse.
edge (noun)
imminent (noun)
imminent, impending, close, approaching, coming, near, convenient.
niche (noun)
indentation, cranny, recess, angle, nook.
nook (noun)
niche, nook, cove, alcove, cranny, recess, cubbyhole.
predicament (noun)
pickle, fix, difficulty, box, impasse, dilemma, scrape, deep water, plight, jam, hot spot, soup.
stalemate (noun)
trust (noun)


acquire (verb)
pocket, annex, receive, accumulate, harvest, claim, amass, score, buy, heap, get, obtain, palm, land, bag, net, reap, add, capture, take, procure, assume, secure, win, lure, acquire, purchase, collect, incur, fetch, catch, retrieve, wrangle, garner.
trap (verb)
trouble, catch, capture, collar.

Other synonyms:

accost, carpool lane, dry, bevel, apex, talk at, bare-knuckle, central reservation, boxing, bicycle lane, epiglottis, edge, camber, predicament, dutch, gable, bout, circumference, Adam's Apple, clerestory, hypotenuse, hot spot, collar, dribble, agape, bike lane, bottom, buttonhole, frieze, rim, baseboard, bantamweight, difficulty, deep water, gargle, furry, chicane, arm-wrestling. count out, firewall, contour, brim, backhand, angle, hot water, confines, turn, cloverleaf, facing, damp, dilemma, plight, froth, soup, perimeter, cusp, dado, boxer. pickle. delivery, sector, quagmire, chip, bump, scrape, jam, dive, ball, fork. spot. bind, curve, connection. base. bend, cross, blast. trouble. face, side, front. back. bottle up
shut in.
Other relevant words:
convenient, crisis, asset, cusp, delivery, imprison, clerestory, angle, restrict, embarrass, pickle, furry, impending, box, cloverleaf, bus, impasse, dado, close, dilemma, shift, boxer, bump, rim, restrain, base, contour, difficulty, hot water, blast, stress, account, camber, branch, quarantine, edge, gargle, disadvantage, back, bypass, soup, ridge, fork, gingivitis, confine, dutch, easy, burden, hot spot, control, bind, turning point, dribble, bevel, near, scrape, chip, business, side, bantamweight, bottom, facing, jam, confines, curve, approaching, trouble, carry, owned, junction, cannibalize, gable, throttle, veer, quagmire, backhand, bout, brokerage, nightmare, fix, agape, tragedy, chicane, projection, plight, dive, front, Broking, buttonhole, ordeal, battle, crossing, inhibit, brim, monopoly, collar, imminent, arm-wrestling, indentation, frieze, predicament, recession, street corner, trap, plague, circumference, book, boxing, spot, dry, face, hypotenuse, firewall, connection, intersection, damp, bend, quoin, sector, epiglottis, capacity, perimeter, accost, cross, bare-knuckle, ball, baseboard, froth, apex, turn, coming.

Usage examples for corner

  1. It is a large, five- story, corner building, built by the Army for the purpose. – The Social Work of the Salvation Army by Edwin Gifford Lamb
  2. Not much like 'twas when you lived right 'round the corner from me! – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter
  3. It is the corner house. – Carl and the Cotton Gin by Sara Ware Bassett