Synonyms for Account:


overview, round up, outline, precis, synopsis, abstract. merchant account, censure, accuse, bank account, chequing account, savings account, reprimand, checking account, deposit account. picture, words, characterization, version, portrait, depiction, profile. comparison-shop, consumption, conspicuous consumption, brand loyalty, rationalization, rationale, charge account, justification, reason, charge card, acquisition, caveat emptor. the biz, agent, affiliate, agency, blue-chip, big business, pay, anchor, base. capacity, esteem, admiration, Broking, appreciation, beauty parade, honor, brokerage, business plan, cannibalize, business, respect, favor, regard. accounts receivable, accounting package, account for, accountant, Annual Report, assessor, worth, accounts payable. profit, utility, advantage, avail, usefulness, use, used, benefit. view, perspective. account (noun)
explanation, history, roll, ledger, balance sheet, schedule, story, asset, report, invoice, business relationship, docket, account statement, budget, score, calculate, answer for, chronicle, Cashbook, describe, profit and loss, accounting, register, bill, write up, total, news report, receipts, slate, inventory, books, reckoning, general ledger, balance, journal.
account for (noun)
answer for, explain, rationalize, justify.
basis or consideration for action (noun)
rationalization, reason, justification, regard, rationale.
calculation (noun)
deduction, triangulation, determination, calculus, appraisal, statistics, algorithm, quantification, division, arithmetic, assessment, conclusion, evaluation, system, measurement, enumeration, judgement, method, calculation, estimation, consideration, inference, algebra, presumption, mathematics, multiplication, supposition, valuation, computation, approximation, thought.
chronicle (noun)
calendar, diary, daybook, newsletter, memorandum, history, notebook, newspaper, Bank book, memo, record, description, archive, chronology, epic, catalog, recital, log, chronicle, yearbook, narrative, scrapbook, book, anecdote, biography, album, index, statement, autobiography.
communication (noun)
chronicle, story, history.
credit (noun)
lien, trust, credit, tab, loan, draft, mortgage.
list (noun)
tabulate, dictionary, waybill, menu, summary, annual, digest, annals, pad, detail, novel, check, table, itemization, registry, list, blank-book, workbook, census, manifest, cash book, tablet, recording, collection, lexicon, scroll, bill, treasury, store, Storybook, repertory, documentation, file, roster, logbook, recount, thesaurus.
motive (noun)
news (noun)
flash, gossip, announcement, release, bulletin, report, message, communication, rumor, epistle, dispatch, notice, information, news.
prose (noun)
plainness, retelling, parable, romance, allegory, tale, fiction, fable, short story, saga, reading matter, storyline, story, prose, myth, scenario, reminiscence, episode, novella, serial, yarn, prosaicness, legend.
record of finances, fees, or charges (noun)
inventory, invoice, balance, statement, bill, tally, reckoning, book, books, computation, check, register, ledger, record.
report (noun)
monograph, treatise, article, telling, portrayal, memoir, recounting.
respect (noun)
serviceableness (noun)
written description of past events (noun)
narrative, tale, story, recital, bulletin, explanation, score, report, chronicle, tab, detail, version, history.


account (verb)
explain, rationalize, describe, explicate, justify, clarify.
benefit (verb)
calculate (verb)
calculate, plot, quantify, multiply, gauge, guess, measure, conclude, judge, consider, deduce, think, evaluate, scheme, triangulate, systematize, quantize, sum, approximate, reckon, enumerate, estimate, determine, plan, score, divide, tally, infer, rank, surmise, compute, add, rate, assess, presume, count, appraise, suppose, program, figure, weigh, study, value.
chronicle (verb)
clock, minute, Journalize, note.
list (verb)
document, itemize, audit, summarize, collect.
possession (verb)
report (verb)
retell, state, narrate, tell, portray.

Other synonyms:

charge account, checking account, big business, deposit account, agency, round up, brand loyalty, acquisition, Broking, conspicuous consumption, avail, caveat emptor, accountant, assessor, blue-chip, bank account, accounts receivable, brokerage, merchant account, cannibalize, rationalization, accounts payable, version, anchor, chequing account, business plan, overview, savings account, beauty parade, comparison-shop, the biz, synopsis, charge card, affiliate, consumption. capacity, worth, admiration, usefulness, outline, business, precis. justification, rationale, base, utility, benefit. appreciation, regard, esteem. profit, abstract. reason. favor. believe
enumerate, multiply, gauge.
Other relevant words:
accuse, esteem, capacity, reason, picture, characterization, appreciation, rationalization, usefulness, utility, favor, abstract, view, profile, admiration, account for, business, explanation, account statement, checking account, honor, respect, portrait, bank account, version, accounting, avail, justification, depiction, acquisition, advantage, business relationship, rationale, write up, overview, savings account, anchor, use, news report, charge account, profit, regard, worth, Broking, answer for, accountant, benefit.

Usage examples for account

  1. He gave a full account of what had happened. – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. Had neither done so, she would not on that account have been unhappy. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope
  3. I didn't come to call you to account – The Social Cancer A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere by José Rizal