Synonyms for Tackle:


material (adjective)


climber, climbing wall, ascent, ascend, Caving, apparatus, climbing, canyoneering, equipment, climb, base camp, abseil. pulley, take something on board, deal with, handle, make the best of something, address, face, see about, do something, combat. put someone on the spot, pick someone's brains, ask, lunge, block, sack, probe, question, interrogate, inquire, demand, plunge, put to, interview. backhand, dribble, ball, delivery, blast, cross, corner, chip, football player, catch, linesman. put out, fight a fire/blaze, gear, extinguish, smother, douse, quench, blow out, rod, net, stamp out, beat out. blank, dive, bobble, deny, call, cover, come-on, come off, incur, chop down, shoulder. wade in, sail in, attack, jack, block and tackle, work, skid, sling, gantry, derrick, crane, jib, go at, hoist. means, thrust aside, jab, thing, accouterment, jar, paraphernalia, heave, prod, thrust, material, push, shove, materiel, strain. reject, have/have got against, resist, rebel, stand against, go against, oppose, tear up, declare against, object. equipment for activity (noun)
apparatus, paraphernalia, materiel, accouterment, rigging, gear, rig.
rugby (noun)
prop, line-out, place kick, lock, fly half, conversion, fifteen, Australian Rules football, conversion kick, convert.
supplies (noun)
tackle (noun)
fishing rig, rigging, rig, fishing gear, undertake, fishing tackle, take on.


jump on and grab (verb)
catch, sack, block.
make an effort (verb)
take on, undertake, deal with, attack.
social (verb)
undertake, take on.

Other synonyms:

face, douse, deal with, gear, see about, accouterment. extinguish, materiel, incur, apparatus, quench, handle, paraphernalia. material, stamp out, blow out, combat. block, shoulder, smother, beat out. attack. address. put out. thing. attack
deal with.
football player.
pitch in
wade in.
wade in.

Usage examples for tackle

  1. Then came a varied choice of tasks to tackle to while away the day. – Back To Billabong by Mary Grant Bruce
  2. I thought I'd tackle friend Boobikins this morning and see if I could get more of the real goods. – The Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells
  3. Sure you want to tackle him, lady- girl? – The Ranch at the Wolverine by B. M. Bower