Synonyms for Receive:


go over to, discard, seize, come in for, belong to, come by, DUES, appropriate, entrance, inaugurate, derive, inherit, admission, co-opt, redeem, arrogate, come into, From. present, SEE-IN, pay your respects (to someone), shout out, endure. pick up on, stand up, react, pounce, support, come over, respond, come back, turn around and do something, prop. have in, initiate, ask, usher in, install, call, let in, have round, guest, have over, entertain, host, induct, permit, I'll hold you to that, catering, disinvite, introduce, visit. traffic, deal in, fence, deal with, trade, handle, barter, deal. make out, Mishear, see/hear things, read, discern. radar, ghosting, footprint, GPS, jam, interference, cell, directional. taste, be reared on something. receive (noun)
find, meet, invite, encounter, incur, undergo, experience, have, obtain, welcome, get.


accept delivery of something (verb)
redeem, arrogate, collect, seize, hold, come into, come by, procure, derive, take, gather, inherit, acquire, admit, secure, pocket, obtain, catch, assume, win, appropriate, get, reap, accept.
acquire (verb)
reap, catch, lure, accumulate, bag, add, retrieve, purchase, harvest, net, palm, corner, annex, amass, fetch, capture, win, heap, obtain, collect, assume, score, garner, secure, land, claim, buy, incur, procure, wrangle.
contact (verb)
contain (verb)
include, enclose, comprise, stow, accommodate, hold, contain.
endure, sustain (verb)
undergo, experience, encounter.
greet (verb)
hail, curtsy, smile, bow, welcome, embrace, shake hands with, wave, approach, acknowledge, kiss, kowtow, salaam, notice, signal, accost, salute, hug, vociferate, greet, nod.
meet (verb)
meet, gather, bump into, run into, assemble, join, encounter.
perception (verb)
possession (verb)
receive (verb)
inhale, engorge, devour, get, ingest, inspire, take, access, gulp, assimilate, admit, acquire, gobble, absorb, eat, accept, pocket.
take in guest or member (verb)
greet, let in, welcome, host, induct, invite, accommodate, usher in, meet, install, entertain, permit, initiate, introduce.

Other synonyms:

SEE-IN, inherit, pounce, shout out, pick up on, discern, Mishear, respond, react. stand up, initiate, derive, deal in, barter, present, entertain. come into. deal with, traffic, fence. deal. trade, read, make out. handle. taste. get
come in for.
usher in.
come into.
come over, run into.

Usage examples for receive

  1. Receive her with my blessing. – Idle Hour Stories by Eugenia Dunlap Potts
  2. You don't know what you throw away nor what you receive – The Social Cancer A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere by José Rizal