Synonyms for Touch:


improvement, turnaround, perception, boost, development, self-improvement, a change for the better/worse, upswing, step change, leap, makeover. gift, loan, mastery, prowess, skill, competence, Begging, aptitude, proficiency. flank, interface, overlap, pressure, intersect, interlock, surround, interconnect. approximate, inkling, accord with, bear/stand comparison (with), amount to, scent, have something in common (with something), coincide. attuned, cannibalize, business, asset, in contact with at contact, brokerage, within reach, capacity, in close communication, familiar with, beauty parade, book, account, acquainted, Broking, business plan. convert, reverse, revise, make into, vary, transform, turn into, change, alter, modify. apply, exploit, fall back on, draw on, utilize, use, go toward, bring in. have, inspire, near, rouse, provoke, neighbor, verge, bound, awaken, ignite. component, factor, measure up, same, parallel, nature, stack up, compare, aspect, facet. kick, knock, point out, smash, words, hook, strike at, dribble, shoot. debt, grateful, gratitude, thankful, obligation, indebted, be glad of something, appreciative, appreciation, get. enter, land, light, run, set down, come, settle, alight, overtake. fraction, taster, piece, sample, a bit, a little, fragment. blast, dive, corner, delivery, backhand, ball, chip. allude to, talk in terms of something, come up, refer to, tell of. eat, ingest, manage, try, consume, take. clutch, grip, tap, grasp. pluck, gather up, pick up. foreplay, feel up, canoodle, goose, French Kiss. creep, crumple, express, furrow, flash, falter, gleam, crease, clear, cross. serve, volunteer, work, be your own boss, double as, take in, fill someone's shoes, cover for, collaborate, staff. fairly, partly, slightly, somewhat, quite, pretty, vaguely, mildly. sensation, tactile. caress (noun)
hug, embrace, squeeze.
communication (noun)
ghost, contact, trace.
event (noun)
feel (noun)
hint (noun)
manner, method (noun)
knack, technique, skill, talent, ability, finish, mastery.
method (noun)
particle (noun)
grain, iota, drop, Flyspeck, shred, pittance, granule, scrap, mite, trace, particle, speck, bit, morsel, whit, modicum, atom, dab, smithereen, dash, smidgen, crumb.
physical contact (noun)
feeling, nudge, palpation, hug, pat, brush, grope, embrace, impact, taste, perception, contact, touching, handling, tap, feel, kiss, graze, rubbing, caress, peck, rub, manipulation, scratch.
sense (noun)
skill (noun)
finish, knack, method, technique, ability, talent.
state (noun)
tiny amount (noun)
spot, speck, pinch, bit, tinge, scent, dash, jot, hint, trace, inkling, drop.
touch (noun)
disturb, bepaint, soupcon, bear on, touch on, manipulation, cutaneous senses, jot, rubbing, ghost, partake, hint, spot, touch sensation, match, impact, sense of touch, concern, meet, mite, palpation, rival, touch modality, pinch, adjoin, allude, equal, affect, trace, tint, Plying, signature, bear upon, stir, feeling, advert, tinct, relate, tactual sensation, refer, contact, come to, skin senses, pertain, Pawing, tinge, extend to, tangibility, reach, touching, speck, tactile sensation.


caress (verb)
cuddle, pet, snuggle, nuzzle.
compare with; correspond to (verb)
equal, match, measure up, rival, come to, parallel.
contact (verb)
border, butt, connect, join, meet, adjoin, reach out, abut, contact.
emotion (verb)
feel (verb)
experience, grope, respond, sense, probe, handle, undergo, fumble.
have an effect on (verb)
affect, inspire, stir, disturb.
have to do with; regard (verb)
bear on, concern, use, utilize, eat, consume, refer to, bear upon.
make mention (verb)
bring in, allude to.
make physical contact (verb)
finger, partake, reach, probe, border, palm, neighbor, paw, adjoin, palpate, abut, handle, feel up, dab, verge, pet, join, manipulate, meet.
touch (verb)
finger, rub, graze, caress, ply, palm, kiss, brush, paw, twiddle, skim, manipulate, palpate, feel.

Other synonyms:

debt, ingest, awaken, gather up, indebted, provoke, overlap, overtake, thankful, rouse, gratitude, surround, grateful, appreciative, ignite. eat, inspire, interface, obligation, neighbor, intersect, tactile, apply, ability, flank. consume, get, pat, finish. clutch, enter, handling, try, approximate, sensation. clear, appreciation, come. grasp, compare, pluck. manage. grip, come up, taste. tap. run. scratch. pick up. have. take. accommodation
come to.
bear upon.
come close
come near
measure up.
Other relevant words:
stir, bear upon, bear on, taste, hint, equal, touching, exploit, nudge, pat, reach, tinge, concern, affect, match, rival, refer to.

Usage examples for touch

  1. Don't touch me, cried the man; don't. – Mr. Marx's Secret by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. The girl put her hand on her mother's shoulder with a little caressing touch – The Front Yard by Constance Fenimore Woolson