Synonyms for Eliminate:


beat, throw off, thrash, overpower, knock out, win, smash, overcome, crush. keep out, count out, throw away, shut out, except, replace. eliminate (noun)
decimate, get rid of, excrete, annihilate, carry off, reject, eradicate, rule out, extinguish, rid of, do away with, wipe out, obviate, pass, egest.


annul (verb)
dissolve, invalidate, undo, efface, dismiss, retract, delete, Disaffirm, eradicate, veto, annul, abnegate, cancel, withdraw, neutralize, abolish, refute, revoke, destroy, nullify, obliterate, divorce, negate, repudiate, extinguish, disavow.
discharge (verb)
effuse, transude, clear, extravasate.
exclude (verb)
disqualify, forbid, proscribe, count out, prohibit, amputate, relegate, ignore, ban, renounce.
excrete (verb)
evacuate, discharge, secrete, exude, emit, excrete.
kill (verb)
execute, smother, chill, strangle, hang, do in, smite, assassinate, liquidate, dispatch, massacre, drown, asphyxiate, slay, ice, sacrifice, slaughter, snuff, put to sleep, suffocate, purge, exterminate, do away with, butcher.
obliterate (verb)
censor, annihilate, strike, edit, erase, omit, expunge, expurgate.
reject (verb)
disapprove, shed, scrap, discharge, exude, snip, chop, excrete, deep-six, curtail, exhaust, cut, disallow, blacklist, blackball, crop, jettison, deny, spew, reject, erupt, exclude, bar, junk, excise, belch, disgorge, vent, cull, disclaim, oppugn, emit, trash, evacuate, abandon, jilt, seep, clip, discard, check, lop, secrete, drain, eject, shear, vomit.
remove, throw out (verb)
drop, dispense with, cast out, annihilate, rule out, oust, defeat, evict, get rid of, cancel, count out, expel, dismiss, take out, phase out, disqualify, eradicate, ignore, eject, discharge, do away with, reject, invalidate, knock out, slay, cut out, wipe out, waive, omit, liquidate, erase, exterminate, dispose of, exclude, blot out, leave out, stamp out, bump off, discard.
seclude (verb)
extirpate, boycott, extradite, sequester, confine, excommunicate, segregate, isolate, remove, expatriate, deport, cordon, detach, expel, insulate, evict, closet, screen, ostracize, disbar, alienate, cloister, separate, banish, oust, exile, seclude.

Other synonyms:

exculpate, absolve, vindicate, phase out, dispense with, exonerate. except, throw away, cut out, cast off, ditch. replace, get off, throw off. dispose of. dump. cast aside
leave out.
clear out
clean out, exhaust.
prohibit, veto.
get rid of
execute, slay, dispatch, exterminate.
throw away
dispose of, rid of.