Synonyms for Attack:


criticism, slander, harangue, diatribe, censure, libel, denunciation, remonstrance, reproach, quibble, talking to, lecture, blame. salvo, swoop, pitch into, sail into, counterattack, fall on, have at, light into, go at, tanning, pounding. sail in, bombing, work, air raid, the Blitz, wade in, air strike, tackle. mug, fly at, ambush, go for, strike at, come at. episode, flare up, breakout. impulse, outburst, spurt, twinge, flash, flush, surge. bomb out, detonate, bayonet, bomb, carpet bomb, carve up. tear apart, castigate, tell off, take/bring/hold someone to task, tear someone/something to pieces/shreds. go to, take up, start, dive in, set about, get around to, take over, begin, get down to, start on. act (noun)
onset, onslaught, onrush.
attack (noun)
combat, offensive, assault, bloodshed, aggression, blast, sortie, set on, flak, offense, plan of attack, lash out, assail, snipe, invasion, war, riot, attempt, onslaught, flack, foray, bombardment, tone-beginning, charge, outbreak, fire, raid, furor, warfare, tirade, thrust, approach, siege, aggress, battle, barrage, round, onrush, strike, onset, storm.
battle (noun)
blame (noun)
condemnation (noun)
disease (noun)
curse, ailment, complication, handicap, symptom, condition, nausea, infliction, illness, affection, malady, spasm, malaise, feverishness, apoplexy, fever, collapse, Sickliness, sickness, unhealthiness, syndrome, breakdown, virus, infection, infirmity, disorder, disease, complaint, queasiness, ague, bug, disability, indisposition, decrepitude, pestilence, debility.
illness (noun)
fit, relapse, seizure, bout.
offense (noun)
physical assault (noun)
inroad, offensive, invasion, thrust, outbreak, intrusion, onslaught, onrush, charge, initiative, Assailment, onset, irruption, intervention, strike, offense, foray, raid, barrage, push, encroachment, aggression.
sudden dysfunction or disorder (noun)
spasm, seizure, illness, relapse, disease, bout, fit, ailment, breakdown.
verbal assault (noun)
censure, criticism, denunciation, slander, abuse, blame, libel.
violence (noun)
rage, outrage, broil, abuse, fierceness, inhumanity, vandalism, thuggery, assault, barbarity, intensity, violence, brawl, turmoil, fight, terrorism, commotion, uproar, vehemence, fury, destructiveness, frenzy, fracas, atrocity, wildness, torture, brutishness, insurrection, savagery, ferocity, brutality.


assault physically (verb)
blast, assault, ambush, combat, light into, HIT, harm, mug, assail, bombard, storm, aggress, invade, hurt.
attack (verb)
hammer, slash, scorch, batter, harry, pound, savage, flay, invade, lash, assail, bombard, lunge, trounce, violate, scarify, scathe.
competition (verb)
set to work (verb)
tackle, take up.

Other synonyms:

criticism, detonate, set about, talking to, carpet bomb, bayonet, air raid, Assailment, bombing, pounding, air strike, light into, diatribe, tanning, the Blitz, censure, salvo, tell off, counterattack. fall on. HIT. seizure, tackle, aggregate. accuse
fly at.
fall on, start on.
pitch in
set about, wade in.
pitch into.
have at.
Other relevant words:
offensive, seizure, censure, fit, tackle, onset.

Usage examples for attack

  1. He had failed in his first surprise attack and without surprise to help him now he was gone. – Gunman's Reckoning by Max Brand
  2. You know what I mean- have you never had an attack like this of mine? – Royal Highness by Thomas Mann
  3. He then briefly announced his plan of attack – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley