Synonyms for Remove:


draw away, dig out, switch, doff, push, flush out, lift, draw in, take off, displace, shed, burn out, smoke out, weed out, uproot, unload, cut out, sweep away, take down, dislocate, skim, evacuate, dislodge, raise, cut off. demonstrate, bring down, defect, destabilize, dismiss, discard, foment, agitate, chase. dispose of, replace, throw away, dump. fling off, pull off, kick off, peel off, disrobe, get out of, maneuver. journey, pass, wend, go, fare, travel, proceed, push on. relocate. help, root, blot out, erase, clear, wipe out, rub out, snuff out. distance, near. remove (noun)
bump off, absent, slay, polish off, withdraw, take, HIT, get rid of, transfer, take out, dispatch, move out.


change (verb)
take, withdraw.
do away with; kill (verb)
do in, extirpate, exterminate, dispose of, assassinate, blot out, eradicate, exclude, execute, liquidate.
exclude (verb)
disallow, prohibit, ban, ignore, eradicate, deny, relegate, renounce, disqualify, forbid, proscribe, bar, repudiate.
extract (verb)
withdraw, extract, excavate, extricate, draw.
kill (verb)
do away with, massacre, dispatch, exterminate, do in, smite, chill, execute, hang, drown, purge, slay, butcher, put to sleep, asphyxiate, snuff, assassinate, suffocate, slaughter, smother, strangle, sacrifice, ice, liquidate.
lift or move object; take off, away (verb)
do away with, evacuate, cut out, discard, displace, relegate, eliminate, detach, expel, shed, purge, separate, extract, take out, take down, get rid of, doff, skim, unload, raise, amputate, dismiss, eject, oust, dig out, dislodge, uproot, transport, wipe out, withdraw, transfer, erase.
motion (verb)
seclude (verb)
confine, eject, sequester, blacklist, closet, expel, detach, banish, eliminate, extradite, exile, extirpate, evict, ostracize, isolate, exclude, cordon, insulate, screen, expatriate, alienate, cloister, deport, excommunicate, blackball, boycott, seclude, reject, segregate, separate, oust, disbar.
separate (verb)
disconnect, disengage, pare, divide, dismantle, disunite, Unglue, divorce, disjoin, split, halve, estrange, sever, disassemble, scissor, disaffiliate, rend, fragment, sunder, Unfix, rip, uncouple, amputate, slice, dissociate, incise, part, cleave, bisect, disintegrate, disassociate, cut, excise, unhinge, axe, disarticulate, dissect, break.

Other synonyms:

doff, evacuate, flush out, dismiss, discard, cut off, relocate, weed out. shed, take off, skim, wend, proceed, cut out, throw away. journey, travel, unload, replace. fare, pull off. pass. clear. distance, dump. go. depart
move out.
get rid of
pull away
draw away.
weed out.
Other relevant words:
take off, doff, take out, get rid of, dismiss, dispose of, replace, discard, wipe out, throw away, clear, displace, dump, take.