Synonyms for Correct:


accurate, exact (adjective)
appropriate, perfect, factual, true, precise, proper, regular, strict, flawless, rigorous, veracious, just, right.
all (adjective)
businesslike (adjective)
conforming (adjective)
conventional, proper, conforming, Adhering, mannerly, complying, regular, congruous, formal, submissive, traditional, consist, obedient, Acquiescing, customary, Aping.
correct (adjective)
exact, suitable, valid, precise, accurate, right.
fastidious (adjective)
finicky, punctilious, demanding, meticulous, choosy, accurate, picky, precise, fastidious, dainty, delicate, prim, conscientious, severe, careful, scrupulous, perspicacious, hypercritical, discerning, epicurean, squeamish, flawless, critical, proper, rigorous, methodical, prudish, particular, discriminating, persnickety, fussy, Qualmish, literal, mincing, priggish, diligent, exacting.
orderly (adjective)
precise (adjective)
exact, accurate, precise, right, meticulous, strict, proper, rigorous, definite.
proper (adjective)
prim, seemly, proper, becoming, polite, fit, tasteful, appropriate, apropos, suitable, fitting, right.
proper, appropriate (adjective)
seemly, meticulous, suitable, becoming, fitting, punctilious, careful, scrupulous, conforming, conventional.
severe (adjective)
critical, frosty, rigid, obdurate, piquant, prudish, raw, puritanical, stern, keen, dry, stiff-necked, icy, short, acute, spare, meticulous, grim, intolerant, brisk, intense, fundamental, blunt, rigorous, disciplined, authoritarian, inflexible, austere, exacting, astringent, bleak, severe, obstinate, lean, stark, oppressive, basic, crisp, censorious, caustic, harsh, draconian, unbending, precise, ascetic, stringent, hidebound, brusque, acrimonious, abrupt, strict, tart, acerbic, chilly, strait-laced, gruff, spartan, uncompromising, dour, curt, demanding, imperial, cool, cutting, relentless, sharp.
suitable (adjective)
veracious (adjective)
genuine, honest, accurate, ingenuous, veracious, authentic, true, factual.


get through, cope, manage, shrug off, handle, work out, overcome, surmount, carry off. reliable, perfect, specific, unerring. optimization, revitalize, lift, improve on, boost. high-minded, just, moral, virtuous, ethical, irreproachable. correct (noun)
compensate, precise, exact, discipline, sort out, chastise, castigate, right-minded, accurate, letter-perfect, chasten, word-perfect, objurgate, redress, straight, rectify, right.
polite (noun)
civilized, gentlemanly, well-mannered, chivalrous, civil, courteous, gallant.


change (verb)
rectify, right.
compensate (verb)
offset, counteract, set, neutralize, compensate, nullify, counterbalance, adjust, balance, tune, cancel, square.
correct (verb)
fix, amend, patch, remedy, improve, revise, rectify, repair, alter.
discipline, chastise (verb)
penalize, punish, chasten, reprimand, castigate.
fix, adjust (verb)
revise, redress, upgrade, alter, rectify, remedy, amend, repair, better, improve.
improve (verb)
progress, enhance, refine, further, embellish, garnish, enrich, advance, better, upgrade, elaborate, renovate.
penalize (verb)
drawback, judge, abate, penalize, handicap, fine, Retribute, discipline, discount, burden, forfeit, deduct, punish, chastise, encumber.
punish (verb)
torture, avenge, imprison, confine, afflict, incarcerate, castigate, agonize, chasten, execute, anguish, pillory, persecute, crucify, lambaste, sentence, reprise, try, distress, Keelhaul.
recompense (verb)
redress, refund, settle, reimburse, return, atone, remunerate, recompense.

Other synonyms:

moral, unerring, improve on, ethical, high-minded, reliable, revitalize. just. lift. counteract
civilized, gentlemanly, well-mannered, chivalrous, civil, courteous, gallant.
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Usage examples for correct

  1. Is his account correct – A Family Man (From the Fifth Series Plays) by John Galsworthy Last Updated: February 10, 2009
  2. Yes, that is correct – Foes by Mary Johnston
  3. He realized that in a sense Hammond was quite correct in his argument; nonetheless, he looked on the other man as a comrade, and always would do so. – The Mardi Gras Mystery by H. Bedford-Jones