Synonyms for Offer:


manifest, display, voice, show, make no secret of something, express yourself, surrender, give away. expense, cost, bill, price, outlay, worth, rate, charge, fee. propound, pose, arrange, set forth, satisfy, come up with, cater to, equip, resource. distribute, afford, part with, yield, hand, hand over. bottom out, beat down, appraise, cheapen, cap, Capping, climb, bargain, bounce back. come forward, step forward. counteroffer, cast pearls before swine, quid pro quo. communication (noun)
offer (noun)
fling, extend, declare oneself, issue, volunteer, present, donation, gift, endowment, bestowal, provide, citation, whirl, approach, propose, deal, pass, grant, go, tender, concession, invitation, overture, pop the question, offering, quotation, offer up, put up, attempt, submission, bid, advance, proffer, investiture.
proposal (noun)
presentation, suggestion, proposition.
proposal, suggestion (noun)
overture, attempt, proposition, pass, tender, submission, presentation, bid.


give (verb)
assign, send, contribute, consign, ascribe, fund, devote, attribute, pledge, dispense, ration, allot, shower, allow, lend, lavish, disburse, help, pay, bequeath, share, furnish, assist, donate, supply, expend, deliver, serve, provide, dole, award.
offer (verb)
extend, invite, give, submit, quote, render, bestow, endow, cite, impart.
possession (verb)
present, propose for acceptance (verb)
donate, grant, award, allow, extend, give, display, proffer, advance, afford, show, propound, put up, provide, pose, furnish, submit, volunteer, come forward.
propose (verb)
cite, present.

Other synonyms:

cost, counteroffer, expense, outlay, cater to, propound, price, equip, rate, manifest, step forward, give away, fee, quid pro quo, come forward, come up with. resource, bargain, worth, surrender. arrange, afford, satisfy, bill, display. show. charge, yield, pose. give
put up.

Usage examples for offer

  1. Then why offer it? – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  2. I don't know just what we can offer to do; but we must find out. – The Quality of Mercy by W. D. Howells
  3. The only excuse I can offer is that I really was not well. – Father and Son by Edmund Gosse