Synonyms for Deal:


common ground, alliance, compromise. situation, venture, circumstance, sale, transaction, climate, background, conditions, context, position, environment, event, dealings, state of affairs, proceeding. appointment, brushwood, beech, brush, cedar, balsa, birch, ash, opportunity, chestnut, chance, cherry. pass, shuffle, push, raise. deliver, full house, grand slam, flush, cards, dummy, dealer. action (noun)
agreement (noun)
capitulation, empathy, accord, acquiescence, compact, contract, concurrence, agreement, pledge, concord, pact, accession, stipulation, arrangement, consensus, promise, accordance, treaty, concordance, understanding, consent, acceptance, assent, covenant, bond, unanimity, settlement.
agreement, bargain (noun)
compromise, contract, pledge, understanding, arrangement, accord, transaction, pact.
a lot (noun)
a considerable amount, superabundance, abundance, much, quite a bit, plethora.
barter (noun)
free trade, transfer, bargain, swap, trade, barter, traffic, exchange, interchange.
business relations (noun)
distribution of playing cards (noun)
appointment, opportunity, chance, hand.
group (noun)
offer (noun)
donation, citation, invitation, overture, approach, present, tender, bestowal, quotation, offering, grant, investiture, attempt, concession, gift, submission, issue, endowment, offer, advance, bid.


barter (verb)
communication (verb)
handle, plow, cover, treat, address.
do business (verb)
handle, sell, trade, treat, barter, bargain, traffic, swap.
offer (verb)
cite, endow, extend, bestow, invite, render, impart, submit, quote, give.
sell (verb)
auction, vend, market, sell.

Other synonyms:

birch, transaction, alliance, cedar, cherry, balsa, common ground, beech, brushwood. full house, grand slam, dealer, peddle, ash. chestnut, shuffle. flush. brush, dummy. push. deliver. raise. pass.

Usage examples for deal

  1. " I know it is a great deal to ask. – The Lion's Share by E. Arnold Bennett
  2. Don't you miss it a great deal – The Triumph of Hilary Blachland by Bertram Mitford
  3. " But I have a great deal – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope