Synonyms for Enterprise:


affiliate, acquisition, hazard, anchor, risk, crusade, agent, big business, speculation, the biz, program, cause, account, base, blue-chip, agency, plan. book, ambition, pluck, courage, drive, brokerage, force, Broking, asset, cannibalize, beauty parade, business plan, capacity. thing, safety, course, Emprise, demonstration. common sense, brilliance, outfit, intelligence, intuition, group, judgment, reason, clarity, house, vision, wisdom, intellect. gumption, punch, push, tired, get-up-and-go, hustle. action (noun)
agility, performance, commission, motion, movement, energy, exercise, animation, procedure, practice, activity, exploit, deed, maneuver, occupation, behavior, liveliness, operation, transaction, effort, feat, act, action, undertaking.
activity (noun)
business, stirring, liveliness, animation, agility, kinetics, labor, energy, job.
adventure (noun)
ambition (noun)
business (noun)
commission, career, retailing, establishment, employment, profession, corporation, industry, livelihood, proprietorship, busy work, position, firm, occupation, station, calling, market, interest, company, holding, management, barter, assignment, merchant, situation, trade, affair, partnership, service, specialty, consortium, selling, commerce, negotiation, concern, exchange, vocation, transaction, posting.
business concern (noun)
courage (noun)
endeavor (noun)
job, attempt, engagement, project, maneuver, exploit, purpose, essay, production, aim, adventure, undertaking, contract, approach, gambit, venture, commitment, assay, proceeding.
energy (noun)
enterprise (noun)
cause, work, effort, concern, push, ambition, courage, attempt, program, plan, force, company, firm, business, trade, project, get-up-and-go, industry, gumption, move, endeavor, scheme, endeavour, essay, activity, pluck, task, speculation, purpose, action, risk, house, engagement, operation, enterprisingness, initiative, hustle, performance, establishment, affair, outfit, pursuit, venture, hazard, campaign, deed, crusade, drive.
venture (noun)
task, scheme, campaign, pursuit, initiative, procedure, feat.


act (verb)
behave, perform, officiate, work, act, appear, function, operate, execute, perpetrate, labor, comport, move, conduct, exercise, transact, endeavor, react.

Other synonyms:

Emprise, courage, get-up-and-go, ambition. gumption. punch, outfit. house. Other relevant words:
anchor, judgment, brokerage, acquisition, action, endeavour, drive, intuition, cannibalize, courage, base, agency, cause, course, outfit, crusade, gumption, vision, force, pluck, affiliate, tired, book, wisdom, get-up-and-go, capacity, brilliance, intellect, Broking, punch, hustle, account, agent, ambition, program, demonstration, plan, speculation, safety, enterprisingness, Emprise, intelligence, push, risk, hazard, house, clarity, thing, group, reason, asset.

Usage examples for enterprise

  1. And Austria thinks she has only to declare herself, to crown such an enterprise – NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER by L. Muhlbach
  2. It was better, in the opinion of some, - the faint- hearted, - to abandon the enterprise at once, as beyond their strength. – History-of-the-Conquest-of-Peru-with-a-preliminary-view-of-the-civilization-of-the-Incas by Prescott, William Hickling
  3. It was the stern logic of events which compelled the enterprise – The Dawn of Canadian History: A Chronicle of Aboriginal Canada by Stephen Leacock