Synonyms for Span:


incorporate, include, embrace, take in, build in, add-on, count in, involve. constraint, restraint, control, check, limitation, confines, big, restriction, limit, boundary. countdown, chapter, distance, block, delay. push, cut, fight your way, bulldoze, squeeze. girth, breadth, thickness, spread, width, depth. go back, last out, go, last, clock in at, extend, run. age (noun)
era, aeon.
distance, duration (noun)
measure, compass, spell, length, extent, stretch, term, interval, time, reach, space, spread.
duality (noun)
duo, couplet, dyad, team, match, pair, twosome, two, couple, duet, yoke, brace, doublet.
duration (noun)
time, date, interval, interim, course, epoch, duration, season, age, life, era, cycle, spell, aeon.
extent (noun)
neighborhood, area, field, reach, length, plateau, measure, room, scale, range, dimension, extent, territory, leeway, stretch, acreage, volume, zone, scope, region, space, plane.
indefinite duration (noun)
lapse, forever, eternity.
length (noun)
reach, length, extent.
span (noun)
doubleton, pair, dyad, duet, couplet, bridge, duad, yoke, duo, traverse, twosome, couple, straddle, brace, sweep, twain, distich, cross.
spread (noun)
time interval (noun)
time period (noun)
width (noun)
girth, breadth.


stative (verb)
traverse, sweep, cross.
stretch over (verb)
extend, cross, traverse, bridge, range.

Other synonyms:

clock in at, distance. lifetime, last out, thickness, breadth, term. width, girth. existence, go back, last, day. depth. extend. spread. go. run. bridge
Other relevant words:
embrace, traverse, duad, distance, lifetime, thickness, day, run, lie, limit, brace, girth, include, boundary, go, existence, extend, term, doubleton, distich, depth, bridge, width, life, compass, breadth, sweep, cross, spread, straddle, twain.

Usage examples for span

  1. He must have been a monster: he was so large and heavy that it was all a span of mules could do to drag him from the shore of the lake, where he was taken out of the boat, up to the house. – The Boy Trapper by Harry Castlemon
  2. It was Hallgerd who broke their thread, representing, of course, Gunnar's span of life. – The Atlantic Book of Modern Plays by Various
  3. His span of mares were coming up from the meadow- in the faint hope of getting a breakfast of oats, perhaps. – The Ranch at the Wolverine by B. M. Bower