Synonyms for Interim:


temporary (adjective)
ad interim, pro tem, provisional, acting.


fleeting, inconstant, brief, passing, short-lived, floating, variable, transient. chancellor of the exchequer, 1040 form, short-range, 1099, provisional, the Boston Tea Party, audit, claw back, continue, short-term, corporate welfare, allowance, chargeable. ad interim, pro tem, substitute, acting. gap, void, hiatus, lacuna, break. age (noun)
era, aeon.
duration (noun)
course, duration, date, aeon, spell, era, span, age, epoch, interval, cycle, time, season, measure.
interim (noun)
impermanent, lag, temporary.
interval (noun)
gap, interlude, break, lacuna, pause, hiatus, the meantime, time.
substitute (noun)
time (noun)

Other synonyms:

pro tem, short-range, short-term, pause. hiatus, lacuna, provisional. break. gap. temporary
temporary, ad interim.
Other relevant words:
passing, lag, gap, acting, transient, void, hiatus, impermanent, ad interim, temporary, substitute, short-term, pause, break, short-range, brief, fleeting, interlude, provisional, lacuna, pro tem.

Usage examples for interim

  1. I have a vivid memory of the interim in his rooms. – A Thief in the Night by E. W. Hornung