Synonyms for Stage:


spotlight, scene, opposite, drama, method acting, dramatic, on, go up, rep, in, limelight, dark. frame, event, background, conditions, circumstance, staging, state of affairs, situation, environment, context, climate, platform, scaffold. organize, plan, convene, prepare, hold, choreograph, performing arts, board, orchestrate, proscenium. dramatics, substitute, caravan, chariot, buckboard, acting, cab, coach, brougham, cart, buggy, carriage, chaise, action. port of call, scaffolding, jumping-off point, layover, landfall, departure, the home stretch, change, machine, drop off. soapbox, lectern. low point, lowlights, instalment, installment, big, episode, gradation, rung, the middle, notch, juncture. time. act (noun)
arena (noun)
theater, gallery, courtyard, campus, amphitheater, arena, enclosure, colosseum, gymnasium, circle, province, field, locale, bailiwick, battle-ground, hippodrome, beat, region, battlefield, circus, auditorium, room, hall, ring, precinct, domain, setting, dominion, realm, ground, turf, pen, area, circuit.
degree (noun)
easily (noun)
slowly, gently, one stop at a time.
level, period within structure or (noun)
phase, notch, degree, step, footing, standing, status, rung, leg, juncture, grade, plane, point.
phase (noun)
place (noun)
station, spot, habitat, place, site, floor, forum, location.
podium (noun)
pretension (noun)
artificiality, deceit, guise, fakery, ostentation, imitation, imposture, facade, air, gimmick, front, impersonation, falseness, pretense, charade, pretension, affectation, device, fraud, mannerism, forgery.
rank (noun)
rank, range, degree, term, footing, status, step, state, position, mark, grade, scale, standing.
rung (noun)
situation (noun)
state of affairs.
stage (noun)
represent, present, level, leg, arrange, bring about, degree, point, stagecoach, phase, microscope stage.
theater platform; theater life (noun)
staging, spotlight, scaffold, limelight, arena, drama, frame, setting, theater, scene, scaffolding.
unit of measurement (noun)


arrange, produce (verb)
show, present, orchestrate, organize.
creation (verb)
present, arrange, represent.
pretend (verb)
pretend, affect, impersonate, claim, fake, forge, disguise, imitate, deceive, defraud, falsify, masquerade, show, bluff, pose, counterfeit, cover.

Other synonyms:

soapbox, scaffolding, frame, platform, proscenium, convene, dramatics, lectern. rung, notch, staging. prepare, acting, scene. plan, board. hold. framework
Other relevant words:
stagecoach, level, prepare, dramatic, microscope stage, convene, dramatics, gradation, spotlight, acting, staging, floor, bring about, present, frame, episode, lectern, leg, coach, background, cab, scaffold, situation, proscenium, scene, scaffolding, rung, plane, organize, time, board, orchestrate, hold, platform, juncture, phase, drama, point, soapbox, represent, notch, arrange, limelight.

Usage examples for stage

  1. On the stage on the stage – The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, Complete by Charles James Lever (1806-1872)
  2. " I was young fellow, me, when a fish- stage fell on me. – The New North by Agnes Deans Cameron
  3. Well, in the stage door. – The Limit by Ada Leverson