Synonyms for Lapse:


contamination, rot, descent, degradation, aggravation, perversion, wreckage. dry up, come to an end, repetition, give out, better, terminate, draw to a close/an end. evaporate, glissade, dissolve, vanish, disappear, fade away, slither, glide, move, go away. law, run out. act (noun)
backsliding (noun)
descent, recession, relapse, regression, decline.
break in action (noun)
interruption, pause, intermission, interval.
deterioration (noun)
failure (noun)
crash, failure, breakdown, fiasco, malfunction, debacle.
inattention (noun)
disinterestedness, inadvertence, forgetfulness, apathy, heedlessness, Inobservance, unconsciousness, preoccupation, distraction, aloofness, oversight, disregardfulness, Incuriosity, thoughtlessness, absent-mindedness, negligence, obliviousness, carelessness, disregard, dreaminess, indifference, detachment, absence, befuddlement, unconcern, inattention, lack of interest.
indefinite duration (noun)
duration, forever, eternity, age, aeon, time, era, span.
lapse (noun)
go along, lapsing, slide by, reversion, backslide, slip away, fall back, slip by, relapse, reverting, pass, relapsing, recidivate, glide by, sink, elapse, regress, backsliding, oversight, retrogress.
mistake (noun)
failure, negligence, slip, oversight, error.
relapse (noun)
recurrence, Recidivation, recession, regression.
reversion (noun)
slip (noun)
error, mistake, failure.


become void; fall back into previous pattern (verb)
deteriorate, recidivate, run out, pass, slide, backslide, terminate, elapse, revert, degenerate, recede.
deteriorate (verb)
dilapidate, downgrade, putrefy, decline, wilt, moulder, regress, get worse, wither, retrogress, worsen, collapse, slip, go downhill, fall apart, degenerate, ebb, sink, revert, slump, deteriorate, wane, tergiversate, decay, relapse, slide, atrophy, fade.
motion (verb)
pass, sink.
relapse (verb)
backslide, recur, recede.

Other synonyms:

degradation, perversion, glissade, error, bate, pause, rot. contamination, wreckage, descent. break, slacken, aggravation, glide. abate, slither, remit. mistake. die
dilapidate, fade away.
fall back.

Usage examples for lapse

  1. Yet after so long a lapse of time the verses still retain their hold on the minds of all classes. – A Cotswold Village by J. Arthur Gibbs
  2. After the lapse of two hours the harbor of Ashtabula came in sight, and at about 10 o'clock we approached Fair Point. – By Water to the Columbian Exposition by Johanna S. Wisthaler
  3. Gradually the conversation drew to a lapse and it suited Carley to let it be so. – The Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey