Synonyms for Age:


adult (adjective)
eighteen, twenty-one.


epic, life, hours, light years, ages. contemporary, peer, under, aged, age gap, at, old, age bracket. senescence, Senectitude, world, elderliness, history, the turn of the century. long, sexagenarian, the gray dollar, aging, the grey pound, blue moon, senior, ageing. girlish, ageless, young, youthful, well-preserved, fresh-faced, younger. distill, breathe, distillery, still, decant, distiller, lees, tread, tartar. age (noun)
generation, longevity, lastingness, mature, geezerhood, get on, maturate, oldness, eon, old age, lifetime, years, eld, long time.
antiquity (noun)
a period of time (noun)
century, duration, aeon, blue moon, era, epoch, millennium, interim, interval, generation, date, span, day.
day (noun)
duration (noun)
date, interval, epoch, season, cycle, duration, measure, spell, course, span, era, time, aeon, interim.
feebleness (noun)
indefinite duration (noun)
forever, lapse, eternity.
oldness (noun)
agedness, antique, ancientness, Antiquation, veneration.


age (verb)
develop, decline, last, mellow, deteriorate, endure, mature, grow old, ripen.
become older (verb)
deteriorate, decline, mature, ripen, develop, grow old, mellow.

Other synonyms:

antiquity, the grey pound, younger, tartar, well-preserved, girlish, age gap, tread, distillery, aged, breathe, blue moon, the gray dollar, distiller, lees, ageless, decant, age bracket. aging, still, old, fresh-faced, young. distill, peer, contemporary, senior. under. history, world, at. long. old age
senescence, Senectitude, old age, elderliness.

Usage examples for age

  1. At her age perhaps- you understand?" – Jeanne of the Marshes by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. We all know that she had a son some two or three and twenty years of age and that she had not been quite a girl when she married. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope