Synonyms for Accept:


acceptance, assimilation, anglicize, absorption, acculturate, community, communal. sign up, commit yourself, go along with, agree to. derive, get together, gain, come by, find, study at, obtain. embrace, take up on, say yes. be as one, be in agreement, chime with, see eye to eye (with someone), be of like mind. speak for, bear the responsibility, accept/face the consequences, answer for, be meant to do something, take the lead, take charge (of). catch, From, follow, admission, compass, co-opt, twig, fathom, ken, apprehend, entrance, inaugurate, savvy, grasp, sense, DUES, comprehend, go over to, conceive, dig, see, make out, belong to. monetize, collect, claim back, nod, appropriate, recover, yes, cash in, earn. accept (noun)
consent, take, live with, go for.


agree (verb)
agree, concur, empathize, capitulate, stipulate, accede, bless, conform, approve, endorse, promise, welcome, affirm, cooperate, sanction, assent, consent, contract, pledge, acquiesce.
allow into group (verb)
receive, admit.
approve (verb)
authorize, permit, approbate, underwrite, authenticate, confirm.
believe (verb)
conclude, put faith in, gather, believe, deem, presume, trust, surmise, judge, hold, understand, take for granted, suppose, assume, credit, give faith.
believe the goodness, realness of something (verb)
buy, approbate, trust, go for, acknowledge, hold, recognize, affirm, approve.
comply (verb)
bow, yield, comply, bend, cede, genuflect, observe, kowtow, fulfill, defer, respect, obey, knuckle under, adhere, cave, succumb.
consent (verb)
allow, condone, let.
obey (verb)
possession (verb)
put up with (verb)
agree, bow, capitulate, assent, live with, go along with, respect, acquiesce.
receive (verb)
acquire, eat, pocket, access, assimilate, gulp, admit, receive, engorge, take, devour, ingest, get, inhale, inspire, gobble, absorb.
receive by agreeing, consenting (verb)
accede, agree to, comply, assume.
receive something given physically (verb)
get, take, acquire, welcome, gain, obtain.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

answer for, communal, go along with, anglicize, co-opt, obtain, belong to, go over to, derive, take up on, come by, sign up, earn, speak for, agree to, get together, acculturate. apprehend, buy, entrance. conceive, embrace, grasp. admission. follow. dig. see. catch. go. abide
live with.
consent, assent.
take up on.
take for granted.
say yes.
permit, approbate.

Usage examples for accept

  1. You think me likely to accept such an offer?" – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  2. " Accept you the same way? – The Zeppelin's Passenger by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. Don't you see that it will be better to accept his story, or rather seem to, and then watch him? – Guy Garrick by Arthur B. Reeve