Synonyms for Disfavor:


displeasure, uproar, Bashing, dissatisfaction, recrimination, faultfinding, criticism, mud, condemnation, barrage, objection, disrespect, censure. blame (noun)
condemnation (noun)
contempt (noun)
derision, deprecation, renouncement, disdain, contempt, contumacy, mockery, disesteem, denigration, Hauteur, invective, ridicule, disparagement, indignity, scorn, insult, antipathy.
disapproval (noun)
disapprobation, disesteem.
disfavor (noun)
disfavour, dislike, disapproval, disadvantage.
disgrace (noun)
disregard, disrepute, dishonor, disgrace.
dislike; disgrace (noun)
disesteem, disregard, disrepute, dissatisfaction, disapproval, displeasure, dishonor, disapprobation, disrespect.
ignoring (noun)
refusal (noun)
state (noun)


dislike (verb)
disapprove, dislike, abhor.

Other synonyms:

disapprobation, disgrace. displeasure. condemn

Usage examples for disfavor

  1. Since for many years the study of Latin lay in bondage to the spirit which regarded the language merely as a corpus vile for grammatical dissection, and ignored the rich literature lying beyond the classical trinity of authors, it is not surprising that it fell into disfavor as unsuited to the requirements of the times. – Selections from Viri Romae by Charles François L'Homond
  2. There is a great tendency on the part of the public, however, to look with fear and disfavor on further railway consolidation. – Monopolies and the People by Charles Whiting Baker
  3. The Director regarded the young American with about the same degree of disfavor as he had shown the giant. – The Hammer of Thor by Charles Willard Diffin