Synonyms for Orthodox:


accepted (adjective)
traditional, prevalent, received, approved, accepted, customary, standard, sanctioned, established, Condoned, conventional.
accepted, traditional (adjective)
devout, traditionalistic, square, recognized, doctrinal, customary, canonical, received, approved, conservative, established, straight, standard, right, sanctioned, conformist, pious, religious, conventional.
orthodox (adjective)
religious, faithful, traditional, believing, conforming, ideological, dogmatic.
regular (adjective)
mundane, Familiar, constant, canonical, rhythmic, average, ordinary, commonplace, cyclical, normal, standard, chronic, epochal, regular, frequent, monotonous, stock, accustomed, routine, Predominating, conventional, prevailing, customary, general, usual, everyday, traditional, habitual, common, steady, recurrent, universal, continual, metronomic, periodic.
square (adjective)
theological (adjective)
ideological, catechetic, theological, religious, doctrinal.


theoretical, popular, abstract, central, nonconformist, deterministic, utopian, conceptual, metaphysical. time-honored, devout, puritanical, spiritual, received, holy, ascetic, pious, observant, godly. square, button-down, Establishmentarian, straight. recognized, agree, accept. traditionalistic, right wing, rightist, conservative, right, keep, tory, traditionalist. right-winger. orthodox (noun)
established, traditional, conformist, conforming, conventional, Greek Orthodox, canonical, sanctioned, eastern orthodox, jewish-orthodox, Russian Orthodox, canonic.
right-winger (noun)
standard (noun)

Other synonyms:

Eastern Orthodox
eastern orthodox.
godly, Establishmentarian, traditionalist, puritanical, holy, devout, button-down, popular, abstract, conceptual, metaphysical, utopian, traditionalistic, rightist, theoretical, central, pious, right-winger, deterministic. tory, right wing, recognized, ascetic, observant, conservative, spiritual, time-honored. square. straight. received. right. Other relevant words:
tory, traditionalistic, straight, popular, utopian, puritanical, conformist, conservative, square, Establishmentarian, theoretical, abstract, jewish-orthodox, ascetic, button-down, rightist, holy, right-winger, Russian Orthodox, time-honored, devout, received, right, spiritual, Greek Orthodox, conceptual, canonic, recognized, pious, eastern orthodox, traditionalist, metaphysical.

Usage examples for orthodox

  1. The orthodox definition of the will as " a faculty of the soul" tells us nothing. – Determinism or Free-Will? by Chapman Cohen
  2. How strange it was, at first, to listen to these orthodox people! – The Country Doctor by Honore de Balzac
  3. What would be gained if, as formerly the orthodox I, the loyal I, the moral I, etc. – The Ego and His Own by Max Stirner