Synonyms for Universal:


all (adjective)
ecumenical, cosmopolitan, worldwide, oecumenical, general.
catholic (adjective)
complete (adjective)
final, plenary, intact, unified, complete, unabridged, entire, unsevered, solid, integral, exhaustive, thorough, collective, conclusive, comprehensive, whole, undivided, through, done, sum, finished, full, accomplished, uncut, all, total.
ever-present (adjective)
infinite (adjective)
regular (adjective)
everyday, average, canonical, constant, frequent, usual, customary, prevailing, rhythmic, commonplace, regular, Familiar, cyclical, general, habitual, orthodox, mundane, common, accustomed, traditional, metronomic, steady, chronic, Predominating, periodic, stock, recurrent, monotonous, standard, epochal, conventional, ordinary, continual, normal, routine.
universal (adjective)
omnipresent, prevalent, mass, master, general, collective, common, generic, ubiquitous.
worldly-wise (adjective)
worldwide (adjective)
worldwide, entire (adjective)
ecumenical, whole, comprehensive, common, catholic, terrestrial, cosmic, prevalent, unlimited, stellar, empyrean, all, astronomical, extensive, cosmopolitan, sweeping, generic, omnipresent, undisputed, customary, total, mundane, regular, accepted, celestial, widespread, usual, general, ubiquitous.


stellar, celestial, faith, empyrean, astronomical, idea, theory, philosophy, ideal, commitment, concept, thought, belief, cosmic. Everybody, altogether, without distinction (of something), one and all, Everyone. law, theorem, axiom, order, fundamental, principle. universal (noun)
ecumenical, comprehensive, general, universal joint, worldwide, cosmopolitan, oecumenical.

Other synonyms:

Everyone, all-purpose, pandemic, cosmic, multipurpose, multifunctional, catholic, dual-purpose, Everybody, general-purpose, one-size-fits-all. theorem, transferable. axiom, principle. law. worldwide
Other relevant words:
multifunctional, vast, dual-purpose, cosmopolitan, pandemic, idea, ideal, concept, principle, altogether, multipurpose, theorem, versatile, astronomical, undisputed, terrestrial, law, universal joint, ecumenical, cosmic, limitless, accepted, extensive, belief, axiom, unlimited, catholic, worldwide, one-size-fits-all, widespread, celestial, fundamental, sweeping, oecumenical, stellar, endless, empyrean, all-purpose.

Usage examples for universal

  1. This form of intensification from individual feeling to universal feeling is the basic form of Verhaeren's poem. – Ã‰mile Verhaeren by Stefan Zweig
  2. Of the three kinds of technique, then,- universal special, and individual,- a would- be dramatist should know the first thoroughly. – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker