Synonyms for Progressive:


beneficial (adjective)
prosperous, successful, beneficial, Gainful, useful, profitable, advantageous, favorable, better, helpful, good, improving.
energetic (adjective)
gradual (adjective)
liberal; growing (adjective)
broad, increasing, broad-minded, graduated, wide, open-minded, forward-looking, lenient, advancing, modern, enterprising, tolerant, dynamic, reformist, continuous, advanced, gradual.
liberalistic (adjective)
progressive (adjective)
enterprising, Furthered, incremental, gradual, advanced.


endless, friend, ideologue, uniform, adherent, sponsor, successive, continuous, sympathizer, stationary, proponent, regular, firm, unbroken, follower, growing, rising, supporter, following, moving, advocate, consecutive, methodical, exponent, serial, uninterrupted. didactic, tolerant, elementary, formal, curricular, applied, diachronic, academic, lenient, educational, graduate. harmonious, precede, atonal, bluesy, precocious, harmonic, acoustic, classical, bass, flat, discordant, funky. intransitive, open-minded, broad, ergative, wide, impersonal, attitude, causative, broad-minded, future, finite, imperative. front, the faithful, liberalistic, ministerial, coalition, bipartisan, dissident, apolitical, politics, independent, nationalist. progressive (noun)
degressive, proportional, incremental, active, innovative, modernized, liberal, imperfect tense, modern, continuous tense, graduated, modernised, reformist, forward, advancing, advanced, progressive tense, forward-looking, imperfect, increasing, forward-moving.

Other synonyms:

forward, emerging, liberalistic, incipient. growing, tolerant, budding. open-minded, precocious, fledgling. new. serial
broad-minded, broad.

Usage examples for progressive

  1. The physical training can be accomplished, and is already so accomplished in certain schools, by a progressive system of physical culture. – The Chronicles of a Gay Gordon by José Maria Gordon
  2. Why it should be " progressive – Community Civics and Rural Life by Arthur W. Dunn
  3. This principle, if sincerely adopted and consistently applied, would obviously lead to large and liberal results, sufficient for the progressive growth of all coming ages. – Isaac T. Hopper by L. Maria Child