Synonyms for Far:


at a great distance (adjective)
distant, remote, removed, outlying, out-of-the-way, faraway, far-off, long.
last (adjective)
out of reach (adjective)
remote (adjective)
distant, remote, removed, beyond.


considerably (adverb)
quite, notably, incomparably, very, much, well, greatly.


sufficiently (adverb)
well (adverb)
by a wide margin.


about, before, by, around, along, after, across, ahead. awful, desperate, grave, greatly, extreme, dire, considerably, acute, serious, notably, rigorous, very, severe, incomparably, profound. direction, the march of something, insofar as, momentum, Considering, advancement, to the degree that, history, development, maturation, advance, progress, a giant step/leap/stride. inaccessible, isolated, big, lonely, outermost, well, much, quite, by far, by a wide margin, apart. Than, seen against something, relatively, relative, compared with/to, next to, Whereas, the... the..., by/in contrast. later, one day, in the long run/term, to come, when the time comes, sooner or later, someday, tomorrow. be onto a winner, the cards are stacked in someone's favor, be in/out of the running, be halfway there, stand a chance/hope (of doing something), have something in your pocket, have a fighting chance, you can't go wrong, someone's getting there. far (noun)
farthermost, immoderate, cold, removed, further, furthermost, right, furthest, faraway, outlying, long, farthest, farther, out-of-the-way, distant, uttermost, utmost, off the beaten track, remote, far-off.
far out (noun)
so far (noun)
faraway, remote, far-off, distant, outlying, inaccessible, further, removed, out-of-the-way.

Other synonyms:

long-distance, outermost, considerably. extreme, isolated, lonely, apart. quite. out, From. unobtainable

Usage examples for far

  1. " I mean to ask her as I've gone so far certainly," said he. – The Claverings by Anthony Trollope
  2. I do not know how far – Daisy in the Field by Elizabeth Wetherell
  3. Here I am, and I can't help myself- so far I mean, as that here I am. – Wilfrid Cumbermede by George MacDonald