Synonyms for Agree:


sign up, undertake, commit yourself. subscribe, nod, be as one, be of like mind, yes, chime with, be in agreement, see eye to eye (with someone). amount to, have something in common (with something), accord with, get together, approximate, bear/stand comparison (with). chime, come down, arrive at, adjudicate, resolve, comport with, square, quadrate, make up your mind, consist, settle, conclude, decide. agree (noun)
concord, check, correspond, hold, gibe, tally, fit, jibe, concur, match.
harmonize (noun)
approve of, fall in with, have no problem with, be of one mind, chime, be consistent, acknowledge, call it a go, eye to eye, concede, agree with, buy, hit it off, allow, come to terms, match-up, hold with, be in harmony, agree on, be agreeable to, come around, agree to, say yes, parallel, go together, favor, get together, click, side with, go along with, get along with, reach an understanding, go well with, come to an agreement, reach an agreement, recognize, square with, attune, subscribe to, synchronize, be in favor of.


agree (verb)
approve, cooperate, endorse, affirm, accept, conform, assent, consent, accede, concur, pledge, empathize, stipulate, sanction, contract, bless, acquiesce, welcome, promise, capitulate.
authorize (verb)
certify, empower, entitle, enable, license, deputize, designate, validate, ordain, denominate, commission, countersign, notarize, authenticate, permit, warrant, confirm, enfranchise, authorize.
be in unison, assent with another (verb)
acquiesce, permit, acknowledge, come to terms, accede, consent, settle, concede, go along with, comply, check, yes, subscribe, allow, recognize, concur, side with.
be similar or consistent (verb)
coincide, go well with, fall in with, go together, jibe, match, conform, tally, get along with, be in harmony, concord, square, parallel, attune, synchronize, click, fit, correspond.
coincide (verb)
accompany, coincide, synchronize with.
communication (verb)
concord, concur, hold.
comply (verb)
bow, succumb, surrender, submit, genuflect, knuckle under, cede, respect, fulfill, yield, cave, obey, kowtow, adhere, observe, bend, defer, comply.
promise (verb)
guarantee, vow, assure, swear.

Other synonyms:

subscribe to, sign up, agree to, hit it off, go together, fall in with, agree with, side with, agree on, chime with. subscribe, resolve. settle. approve
sign up.
square with.

Usage examples for agree

  1. No, I can't agree – The Air Trust by George Allan England
  2. " I quite agree with you, sir. – The Mystery of 31 New Inn by R. Austin Freeman
  3. I'm glad you agree with me. – Castle Craneycrow by George Barr McCutcheon