Synonyms for Keep:


permanently (adverb)
finally, for good, for always, forever.


back up, burn-in, burn, browse, capture, access, archive, author, call up. price, charge, offer, worth, fee, care for, rate, bill, cost, outlay, expense. minister to, what (has) happened to something, what's gotten into someone?, anyway, tend, where has someone/something gotten to?, attend, kindly, what has/will become of, just, how, do with. there is/are etc., sit, occupy, abide, belong, last, set, lie, concentrate, exist. castellated, cache, belfry, battlements, campanile, castle, bell tower, casbah, bailey, store, chatelaine, chateau, put. hinder, have in, possess, own, Got, avert, belong to, block, sorted. flow, obey, head, walk-on, fulfill, forge ahead, press. get on, follow through, stay the course, press ahead. determine, cure, regulate, stock, keep down. provide for, set-aside, store up, stockpile, hoard, collect. place, stick to, keep your word, hold to, meet, come through. change, detain, sidetrack, put off, set-back, prolong the agony, keep someone waiting, stall. hold over, stay with, prolongation, perpetuate, string out, drag out, draw out, eke out, spin out. stabilize, hold-down, standardize, bit, rein, jog along, brake, regularize, pull in, level, inhibit, restraint. abstain, stand, refrain, tarry, linger, stay behind, stick around. lay away, salt away, lay-by, put by, lay in, set by, lay up. exercise, implement, DO, perform, execute, discharge. comply, conform, same, mind, carry out, accept. remember. artifact (noun)
pokey (noun)
prison (noun)
collar, pillory, bridle, harness, gaol, irons, cooler, oubliette, bastille, fence, prison, stronghold, lockup, cage, penitentiary, tether, penal colony, San Quentin, straight jacket, pinion, pen, manacle, handcuff, cell, stockade, confine, reformatory, jail, pound, jug, shackle, reform school, brig, Alcatraz, dungeon, jailhouse, vise, coop.


cognition (verb)
observe, maintain.
commemorate; pay attention to (verb)
hold, obey, perform, observe, fulfill, celebrate.
conserve (verb)
maintain, conserve, reserve, save, preserve.
grip (verb)
hold, clutch, grip, seize, grasp, clasp, retain, adhere, embrace, have, grapple.
hold, maintain (verb)
place, reserve, put, own, care for, have, cache, put up, store, possess, direct, grip, hold back, stock, grasp, retain, save, withhold, conserve, detain, manage, preserve.
possession (verb)
hold on.
social (verb)
withdraw (verb)
recall, revoke, retract, withdraw, recant, withhold, suppress.

Other synonyms:

stockpile, distribute, spin out, stay behind, perpetuate, comply, Got, archive, drag out, stick around, how. prolongation, refrain, tarry, string out, do with, occupy, inhibit, linger, own, store up, abstain, set-back, rein, possess, sidetrack, sorted. fulfill, lay away, kindly, remember, implement, set-aside, obey. draw out, discharge, have in, hold to, hold over. perform, hold-down, stock, stick to, yield, belong to, come through, just, store. anyway, put off, conform. collect, abide. execute. stall. put. meet. DO. stand. care for
store up.
hold back
hold back, detain.
keep going
care for.
pinion, keep down.
put by.
minister to.
Other relevant words:
go on, abide, endure, hold back, mind, sustenance, run, castle, charge, keep on, keep back, last, hold on, observe, donjon, sustain, obey, stand, continue, exist, celebrate.

Usage examples for keep

  1. Nobody, But We All Keep On Trying. – A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis by Melvin Powers
  2. " You keep away from my father. – The Valley of the Giants by Peter B. Kyne
  3. Why did you keep that? – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald