Synonyms for Customs:


chargeable, chancellor of the exchequer, 1099, 1040 form, allowance, the Boston Tea Party, audit, claw back, corporate welfare. direct tax, death tax, corporation tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, carbon tax, capitation, CGT, back tax. Redraw, cross-border, clear, extraterritorial, partition, frontier, reopen. customs (noun)
custom, customs duty, impost.
duties (noun)
tax, tariffs, imposts.
habits (noun)
addictions, Tendencies, Habits, traits, Lifestyles, leanings, treadmills, regularities, ruts, ways of life, daily grinds, Instincts, routines, mannerisms, Familiarities, Conventionalities, dispositions, temperaments, second natures, fixed ways, traditions.
possession (noun)
custom, customs duty, impost.

Other synonyms:

CGT, carbon tax, death tax, cross-border, corporation tax, direct tax, capital gains tax, capitation, back tax, corporate tax. Redraw, extraterritorial. reopen. partition. frontier. clear. Other relevant words:
death tax, partition, extraterritorial, capitation, allowance, customs duty, Redraw, capital gains tax, tariffs, frontier, impost, audit, tax, corporation tax, imposts, custom, chargeable, clear, reopen, cross-border, 1099, CGT.

Usage examples for customs

  1. The good old customs and certain bad old customs too- still held on the Bar Cross Range, fifty miles by one hundred, on the Jornado. – The Desire of the Moth; and The Come On by Eugene Manlove Rhodes
  2. Sri Yukteswarji was pleased at my use of a number of Indian customs 'finger- eating' for example. – Autobiography of a YOGI by Paramhansa Yogananda