Synonyms for Ordinary:


average (adjective)
stereotype, mid, common, everyday, moderate, unexceptional, midmost, middling, medium, stock, median, average, normal, commonplace, mean, mediocre, usual, predominant, customary, dominant, standard, halfway, conventional, middle-of-the-road, run-of-the-mill, mezzo.
average; not distinctive (adjective)
so-so, unpretentious, garden, characterless, indifferent, undistinguished, simple, mean, commonplace, mediocre, dull, conventional, fair, modest, common, unexceptional, prosaic, plain, workaday, unremarkable.
common, regular (adjective)
everyday, habitual, general, quotidian, customary, frequent, accustomed, stock, typical, Familiar, traditional, standard, normal, routine, prevailing, usual, run-of-the-mill.
habitual (adjective)
habitual, recurrent, routine.
humble (adjective)
unpretentious, trivial.
mediocre (adjective)
routine, common, mean, mundane, suburban, mediocre, average, so-so, modest, standard, banal, normal, usual.
regular (adjective)
conventional, common, frequent, periodic, average, canonical, metronomic, normal, accustomed, prevailing, commonplace, standard, recurrent, chronic, stock, monotonous, cyclical, general, mundane, everyday, universal, usual, rhythmic, habitual, steady, epochal, routine, orthodox, continual, Familiar, constant, traditional, regular, customary, Predominating.
succinct (adjective)
unpoetical, stark, prosaic, direct, Plain-spoken, informal, folksy, honest, casual, frank, blunt, uncluttered, outspoken, intelligible, bald, candid, straightforward, unadorned, unpretentious, clear, simple.
unimaginative (adjective)


chief, genteel, above, A-list, B-list, born, below, elite. undistinguished, dull. typical, surprise. garden-variety, good, formulaic, garden, plain. rule, norm. ordinary (noun)
workaday, routine, indifferent, unremarkable, nondescript, middling, everyday, commonplace, characterless, banausic, passable, mediocre, trivial, run-of-the-mill, average, banal, unexceptional, cut-and-dried, ordinary bicycle, so-so, mundane, quotidian, fair, run-of-the-mine, common, tolerable, cut-and-dry.

Other synonyms:

garden-variety, formulaic. garden, norm, undistinguished. dull. indifferent. rule, plain.

Usage examples for ordinary

  1. To- day the same thing had an ordinary air. – The Red Cockade by Stanley J. Weyman
  2. Since until yesterday Mr. Rollo had scarcely paid her ordinary attention; since until then Mr. Falkirk had always been the one to care for her so carefully. – Wych Hazel by Susan and Anna Warner