Synonyms for Legend:


cock-and-bull story, classic, adaptation, drama, detective, black comedy, comedy. format, composition, effect, aesthetic, title, draftsmanship, inscription, flavor, writing, cherub, homage, motto, commission. real, role model, folk hero, heroine, wonder, guiding light, idol, religion, hero, golden boy, golden girl, belief. be a household name/word, knowledge, folklore, need no introduction, mythos, be noted for, have the world at your feet, mythology, tradition, lore. brief description in document (noun)
inscription, key, motto.
communication (noun)
fable, caption.
engraving (noun)
indication (noun)
logotype, gesticulation, lighthouse, emblem, gesture, icon, tag, ticket, guidepost, indication, label, brand, key, notation, crest, symbol, flag, motion, prompt, wink, semaphore, banner, signpost, hint, wave, logo, token, marker, signal, designation, denotation, badge, insignia, pointer, figuration, cue, alert, beacon, sign, stamp.
legend (noun)
fable, caption.
lore (noun)
mythos, lore.
prose (noun)
recount, allegory, chronicle, plainness, saga, storyline, account, myth, prosaicness, prose, scenario, plot, narrative, story, reminiscence, anecdote, serial, novella, reading matter, yarn, episode, romance, fiction, short story, novel, epic, tale, retelling, parable.
reputation (noun)
Illustriousness, reputation, acclaim, noteworthiness, elevation, prominence, popularity, esteem, Fame, celebrity, renown, notability, notoriety, distinction, Famousness, Memorability, fable, preeminence.
story of the past, often fictitious (noun)
narrative, lore, fiction, fable, folklore, mythology, tradition, tale, mythos, myth, saga.

Other synonyms:

role model, guiding light, composition, folk hero, mythos, draftsmanship, tradition. folklore, cherub, flavor, mythology, heroine, idol. effect, homage, lore. format, commission, hero, aesthetic. wonder.

Usage examples for legend

  1. " And the other said: 'I remember now that when I first came into this place they told me of a legend that a monk of your name had gone out of this monastery a hundred and fifty years before, and had never come back and had never been heard of again. – Fairies and Folk of Ireland by William Henry Frost
  2. Local legend has aged them considerably, for two hundred years is suggested as a modest estimate of their antiquity. – Highways and Byways in Surrey by Eric Parker
  3. As for me, I believe in the old, old, apparently foolish legend of Adam and Eve's sin and the curse which followed it- the curse on man is inevitably carried out to this day. – Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli