Synonyms for Straight:


aligned; not curved (adjective)
level, invariable, direct, square, plumb, consecutive, smooth, perpendicular, uninterrupted, erect, unbroken, vertical, unbent, through, unswerving, continuous, true, undeviating, nonstop, even, inflexible, straightforward, uncurled, right, horizontal, upright.
all (adjective)
consecutive, true.
artless (adjective)
clean (adjective)
gleaming, immaculate, hygienic, fresh, polished, sterile, spick-and-span, pristine, spotless.
conventional, square (adjective)
conservative, traditional, orthodox.
correct (adjective)
direct (adjective)
honest, fair (adjective)
decent, honorable, candid, reliable, bald, frank, aboveboard, forthright, moral, plain, accurate, good.
orderly (adjective)
exact, tidy, neat, correct.
plainspoken (adjective)
plainspoken, man-to-man.
pure (adjective)
square (adjective)
straight (adjective)
perpendicular, direct, unswerving, plumb, undeviating, unbent.
unbowed (adjective)
unbowed, unbent.
unmixed (adjective)
out-and-out, undiluted, strong, pure, concentrated.
vertical (adjective)


immediately, directly (adverb)


B, behave, full marks, D, GPA, live a decent life, demerit, avoid crime, C, distinction, F. innocent, through, current, legal, legally, legitimacy, legitimate, guiltless. on-the-spot, fast, suddenly, plane, promptly, right now, flush, straight away, planar, headlong, smooth. election, electioneering, plainspoken, campaign, chad, open, forthright, frank, elect, direct elections, straight-from-the-shoulder, man-to-man, straight-shooting, straight-out, candid, downright, ingenuous, by election, advance poll, show, disenfranchise, unreserved, clear, beauty contest. solvency, afloat, usual, conformist, traditional, Establishmentarian, be even, button-down, solvent, orthodox. debut, guest, evergreen, bankable, interpretative, off-screen, live, interpretive, all-star. chosen, select, probabilistic, alternate, selective, beggars can't be choosers, settled, selectively, handpicked. normal, commonplace, standard, mundane, routine, unexceptional, unremarkable, everyday, ordinary, nondescript. bore, diehard, conservative, anorak, dinosaur, Drongo, dweeb, drip, fogey. principled, upstanding, sincere, irreproachable. bristly, bald, bad hair day, body, close-cropped, bedhead, coiffed, balding, bushy, bouffant. come out, fag hag, GLBT, closeted, bi. call, deal, cards, bid, dealer, hand, full house, dummy, grand slam. indefinite, unfailing, permanent, forever. inside track, the home stretch, circuit, line, start, starting line, inside lane, course. longitudinal, diagonal, ridged, oblique, serpentine, parallel. teetotaler, stone-cold sober, sober, temperance, not touch a drop, on the wagon, sign/take the pledge, teetotal. honest (noun)
decent, moral, good.
straight (noun)
continuous, uncoiled, even, consecutive, conventional, guileless, square, heterosexual person, honest, heterosexual, uninterrupted, straightforward, uncurled, trabeate, transparent, tidy, straight person, true, unwound, directly, unbent, neat, erect, uncurved, undiluted, uncurving, untwisted, upright, aligned, straightaway, right, vertical, correct, unbowed, unpermed, accurate, trabeated, dependable, aboveboard, straightarrow, direct, full-strength, honorable, flat, reliable.
unmixed (noun)
out-and-out, pure, plain, concentrated.


direct (verb)

Other synonyms:

downright, vertical, orthodox, ingenuous, traditional, afloat, circuit. dry. unreserved. alternate, smooth, parallel. flush, plain. course. open. start. line. candid
concentrated, undiluted, strong.
Other relevant words:
good, true, directly, sincere, downright, dependable, straightforward, square, plain, upright, erect, right, candid, pure, out-and-out, open, forthright, honest, frank, straight-out, flush, straightaway, neat, legitimate, reliable.

Usage examples for straight

  1. Drive him straight home, and go as fast as ever you can." – A Girl in Ten Thousand by L. T. Meade
  2. And when he spoke, he spoke straight at Strangwise. – Okewood of the Secret Service by Valentine Williams
  3. This brought him straight round. – The Finer Grain by Henry James