Synonyms for Standard:


accepted (adjective)
conventional, established, traditional, orthodox, prevalent, Condoned, sanctioned, accepted, approved, customary.
average (adjective)
middle-of-the-road, middling, stereotype, dominant, run-of-the-mill, usual, predominant, ordinary, conventional, midmost, general, average, everyday, commonplace, stock, mean, mid, moderate, customary, common, mezzo, normal, medium, median, halfway, mediocre.
habitual (adjective)
recurrent, routine, habitual.
mediocre (adjective)
suburban, mediocre, so-so, common, normal, mean, banal, modest, mundane, routine, usual, average, ordinary.
received (adjective)
regular (adjective)
everyday, ordinary, general, monotonous, epochal, usual, steady, customary, metronomic, commonplace, rhythmic, recurrent, stock, traditional, constant, habitual, universal, Predominating, average, orthodox, official, prevailing, cyclical, Familiar, frequent, common, periodic, mundane, chronic, continual, routine, made to a standard, normal, conventional, regular, canonical, accustomed.
regular, approved (adjective)
classic, average, general, definitive, everyday, canonical, customary, official, prevailing, accepted, regulation, stock, usual, normal, authoritative, established, common, run-of-the-mill, basic, orthodox, typical.
reliable (adjective)


above, classically, low, high, advanced, exacting. prototypical, typical, essential. aria, calypso, Christmas Carol, carol, chanty, cover, chorale, alma mater, anthem, ballad. pennon, substitute, color, nondescript, jack, Banderole, banneret, pennant, ensign, Oriflamme, flag. gauge, mark, test, par, quality, quality assurance, rating, baseline, benchmark, level. bunting, good, mirror, hammer and sickle, jolly roger, checkered flag, mast, beau ideal, blue peter, flagpole. convention, etiquette, Standards, law, morals, the proprieties, rule, code, conscience, ethics. flag (noun)
ensign, pennant, jack, Banderole, color.
gauge (noun)
guideline, principle (noun)
exemplar, measure, code, median, beau ideal, law, norm, rule, touchstone, test, paradigm, ethics, criterion, gauge, yardstick, morals, mean, par, pattern, archetype, model, benchmark, mirror.
measure (noun)
mediocrity (noun)
banality, mediocrity, ordinariness, normalcy, commonness, modesty.
post (noun)
mullion, post, gatepost, upright, balustrade, stanchion, banister, newel, baluster.
prototype (noun)
genotype, specimen, pattern, archetype, mould, bench mark, paradigm, norm, prototype, yardstick, model, exemplar.
reference point (noun)
regularity (noun)
conventionality, monotony, regularity, universality, periodicity, predominance, constancy, normality, recurrence, tradition, frequency, rhythm, steadiness, orthodoxy, custom.
standard (noun)
classic, basic, monetary standard, authoritative, regulation, canonical, prescriptive, standardized, criterional, accepted, classical, regular, criterion, modular, textbook, normative, received, standardised, casebook, definitive, canonic, acceptable, stock, touchstone, measure, criterial, common.

Other synonyms:

benchmark, Oriflamme, rating, advanced, exacting, banneret, nondescript, flag, Banderole, quality assurance, classically, beau ideal. pennant, pennon, low. baseline, quality, ensign, high. above, test, jack, mirror. color. level. mark. characteristic

Usage examples for standard

  1. You, each one of you, help to decide whether your brothers and every man you meet shall have a high or a low standard about women. – Stray Thoughts for Girls by Lucy H. M. Soulsby
  2. I knew that the best I could do would only come up to the standard that had ever been held up before them. – Guide to the Kindergarten and Intermediate Class and Moral Culture of Infancy. by Elizabeth P. Peabody Mary Mann