Synonyms for Current:


contemporary; common (adjective)
topical, present, now, fashionable, existent, rife, popular, up-to-date, afoot, present-day, in, prevalent, modern, circulating, in progress, regnant, widespread, mod, prevailing, ongoing.
continuous (adjective)
existent (adjective)
fashionable (adjective)
new (adjective)
latest, recent, contemporary, late-breaking, up-to-the-minute, modern, avant-garde, new, up-to-date, topical, fresh, novel.
now (adjective)
contemporary, today's, immediate, contemporaneous.
ongoing (adjective)
in progress.
present (adjective)
existent, present-day.


innocent, legal, rightful, clean, lawful, legitimacy, legally, guiltless. conceptual, mod, au courant, utopian, theoretical, deterministic, abstract, knowledge, orthodox, nonconformist, central, metaphysical. arc light, existing, arc, active, time, present, brownout, existent, now. modern-day, regnant, specific, alive, at this time, predominant, widespread. atmosphere, air, flux, airy, airborne, spate, rush, flood, Breathable, airflow, move, blast, dense, tide, airless, surge, drift. drip, eddy, maelstrom, course, ebb, in, flush, down. current (noun)
in progress, prevailing, incumbent, ongoing, flow, underway, afoot, rife, electric current, actual, contemporary, circulating, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute, prevalent, live, topical, present-day, on-line, latest, stream.
electricity (noun)
cathode, ac, spark, television, tweeter, receiver, electrode, transmitter, resistance, electrostatic, tube, induction, conductor, amperes, insulator, impedance, transistor, ohm, cycle, fm, motherboard, shock, resistor, kilohertz, magnetism, video, alternating current, diode, electronics, triode, processor, capacitor, memory, direct current, circuit, capacitance, radio, voltage, computer, crt, network, frequency, wattage, megahertz, juice, speaker, discharge, charge, volt, ic, circuit card, electromagnetism, backplane, connection, watt, microphone, amplifier, monitor, electricity, negative, positive, radar, anode, polarity.
energy (noun)
event (noun)
flood (noun)
flood, spate.
flow of something, usually water (noun)
flood, rush, drift, course, tide, stream, flux, juice, spate.
phenomenon (noun)
electric current.
prevailing (noun)
study at prevailing, in fashion, popular, fashionable.

Other synonyms:

clean, dense, rightful, airflow, legal, legally, fashionable, flux, au courant, modern-day, airy, active, Breathable, legitimacy, airless, innocent, guiltless, lawful. drift, mod, atmosphere, alive, tide, spate, eddy, maelstrom, popular. existent, regnant, airborne. flood, predominant, ebb. blast, widespread. now. drip, flush. course. in. down. flowing
air, prevalent.

Usage examples for current

  1. That changes the plate current – Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son by John Mills
  2. When she had laughed Domini said: " On the contrary, Monsieur, you have turned my thoughts into a happier current by your coming." – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens
  3. But one pair of French windows at the farther end were wide open and it was that which had caused the current of air. – The Film Mystery by Arthur B. Reeve