Synonyms for Dogma:


communication (noun)
doctrine (noun)
belief, authoritative opinion, study at doctrine.
dogma (noun)
creed, tenet, view, doctrine, conviction, opinion.
ideology (noun)
culture, philosophy.

Other synonyms:

frame of reference, ism. culture. ground. Other relevant words:
culture, ground, ism.

Usage examples for dogma

  1. In fact, in many forms of the dogma it has been the escape from punishment which was chiefly had in mind. – Edward Caldwell Moore Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant by Edward Moore
  2. Why, you can have the religion of loving- kindness and purity at least, if you can't have- what do you call it- dogma – Tess of the d'Urbervilles A Pure Woman by Thomas Hardy
  3. Rome, they argue, was in great danger, she had no new dogma to proclaim which would give food to inquiring minds, and increase the prestige of her power; she was growing unpopular in many countries heretofore considered most faithful and submissive, and she was engaged in various dangerous conflicts with the secular powers. – Modern Magic by Maximilian Schele de Vere