Synonyms for Right:


correct (adjective)
valid, suitable, precise, exact, accurate, correct.
good (adjective)
just (adjective)
equable, lawful, ethical, square, fair, even-handed, due, honorable, just, moral, equitable, good.
legal (adjective)
defensible, authorized, lawful, legal, permissible, statutory, legitimate, licit, judicial, constitutional, proper, sanctionable, legislative.
perfect (adjective)
precise (adjective)
strict, exact, precise, proper, accurate, definite, correct, rigorous, meticulous.
proper (adjective)
apropos, fitting, tasteful, correct, seemly, prim, appropriate, proper, polite, suitable.
right (adjective)
Comme Il Faut, equitable, real, normal, happy, clockwise, honorable, utter, decorous, valid, felicitous, unerring, discerning, correct, lawful, honest, rightful, legal, due, perfect, authentic, proper, hale, exact, nice, penetrating, enlightened, strict, rigorous, rational, factual, moral, comely, just, righteous, good, circumspect, orthodox, deserved, faithful, virtuous, fit, fitting, ethical, absolute, suitable, wise, true, discreet, befitting, judicious, becoming, appropriate, traditionalistic, legitimate, reasonable, dexter, merited, veridical, seemly, veracious.
right-side (adjective)
starboard, right hand.
rightful (adjective)
straight (adjective)
direct, directly, immediately.
suitable (adjective)
apt, appropriate, proper, fit.
true (adjective)
axiomatic, gospel, veracious, authentic, honest, proven, definite, absolute, factual, true, certain.
veracious (adjective)
veridical (adjective)


just (adverb)
right (adverb)
evenly, square, entirely, honestly, all the way, completely, thoroughly, absolutely, fully, totally, squarely, utterly, exactly, reliably, sincerely, objectively, lawfully.


justly (adverb)
fairly, objectively, sincerely, reliably, squarely, honestly, evenly, lawfully.


outright, thorough, unadulterated, total, utter, pure, in depth, resounding. finished, twirl, decorated, outward, best, bottom, unfinished, about-face, outer, whirl, twist, wriggle, inner, swirl, top, rotation, revolution. of course, righteous, agreed, right-minded, great, O.K., precisely, moral, principled, virtuous, rightful, yes, ethical, exactly. deserved, merited, public interest, concession, permission, priority, entry, access, fit, voice, entrance. faithful, germane, relevant, salient, real, pertinent, apposite, to the point, live, veridical. perfect, reliable, specific, unerring, errorless. befitting, comely, decorous, reverse, becoming, spin, tilt, overturn, tip-up, angle, de rigueur, roll, Comme Il Faut, turn something inside out, courtesy, nice. hip, space age, apt, modernistic, futuristic, ahead of your/its etc. time, meet, happy, modern, up-to-the-minute, tailor-made, state of the art, contemporary, felicitous. clockwise, counterclockwise, hale, healthy, around, homeward, whole, healthful, wholesome, ahead, eastbound, hearty, down, cross country, downwind, health. keep, orthodox, traditionalistic, Eh, traditionalist, tory, conservative, HUH, rightist, geddit. look, YO, just/wait a moment, listen up, okay then, see, hello, Hey. nondescript, unexceptional, unremarkable, everyday, ordinary, standard, routine, mundane, commonplace. further, out, From, apart, little, long-distance, long, away, all the way. bipartisan, coalition, liberal, ministerial, independent, front, apolitical, nationalist, dissident, the faithful. firstly, My, puh-leeze, Pshaw, what does something have to do with...?, ha, arguably, Hah. bout, box, count out, cross, corner, boxing, bantamweight, bare-knuckle, boxer, arm-wrestling. central, inmost, mid, innermost, left hand, centrally, astride, halfway. compilation, edition, ISBN, manuscript, backlist, copyright, bibliography, edit. enhance, lift, revitalize, optimization, improve on, enrich, boost, improve. irreproachable, high-minded. goodness, propriety, respectability, purity, virtue, integrity, decency, modesty. main street, the John Birch Society, the National Front, fascism, mccarthyism, the Conservative Party, nazism, fascist, conservatism. prepared, in the wings, on the point of doing something, on (full) alert, on the verge of something, ready, poised, warmed up. authority (noun)
command, might, title, purview, sway, mandate, commission, empowerment, enfranchisement, kingship, mastery, stature, powerfulness, influence, precedence, potency, mightiness, birthright, force, clout, puissance, seniority, primacy, office, punch, Prepotency, power, steam, cogency, authority, prestige, license, sovereignty, faculty, superiority, strength, prerogative, domination, charge, credential, privilege, entitlement.
command (noun)
correct (noun)
accurate, correct, true.
heritage (noun)
just (noun)
fair, honest, lawful, moral, ethical.
justice (noun)
fairness, equity, fair play, honor, even-handedness, Equability, justice.
justice, morality (noun)
equity, goodness, legality, properness, lawfulness, integrity, enfranchisement, propriety, honor, virtue.
justly (noun)
evenly, fairly, lawfully.
legality (noun)
legislation, Defensibility, Constitutionality, lawfulness, permissibility, statute, properness, legality, authorization.
legitimacy (noun)
privilege (noun)
birthright, power, priority, prerogative, title, license, authority, permission.
right side (noun)
starboard, dexter.
sane (noun)
normal, discerning, sane, rational.
straight (noun)
immediately, directly.
suitable (noun)
appropriate, apt, fit.


fix, correct (verb)
balance, adjust, vindicate, mend, straighten, settle, restore.
order (verb)
classify, collate, plot, devise, marshal, rationalize, maintain, form, stabilize, arrange, establish, structure, place, class, unify, score, compose, scheme, subordinate, organize, sift, grade, separate, schematize, pigeonhole, systematize, group, Methodize, array, screen, categorize, mediate, shape, schedule, cast, rate, adjust, balance, plan, control, rank, settle, integrate, frame, regulate, design, sort, program, harmonize, orchestrate, unsnarl, type, stratify, fix, chart, set, prepare, support, order, normalize.

Other synonyms:

pure, propriety. vindicate. whole. accurate
Other relevant words:
de rigueur, normal, orthodox, apt, ethical, becoming, befitting, right-minded, wholesome, meet, reasonable, sane, squarely, directly, fit, rational, real, set up, nice, decorous, rightful.

Usage examples for right

  1. You're right mum, it is. – The Golden Scarecrow by Hugh Walpole
  2. But dat'll be all right – The Gem Collector by P. G. Wodehouse
  3. Mrs. Wix was right – What Maisie Knew by Henry James