Synonyms for Tasteless:


arty (adjective)
cheap, vulgar (adjective)
indelicate, off-color, tawdry, uncouth, loud, graceless, foolish, garish, outlandish, makeshift, barbarous, trivial, crass, unseemly, rude, flashy, unlovely, coarse, gaudy, showy, low, artificial, impolite, barbaric, ornate, rough, ostentatious, unsightly, tacky, useless, tactless, pretentious, unrefined, inelegant, crude, hideous, unpolished.
dead (adjective)
inelegant (adjective)
brutish, uncivil, unrefined, earthy, vulgar, boorish, rude, coarse, graceless, gawky, inelegant, unpolished, barbarous, tawdry, gross, clumsy, tactless, awkward, crude, raw, undignified.
pretentious (adjective)
tasteless (adjective)
weak, flat, flavorless, mild, vapid, stale, savorless, jejune, plain, unsavory, bland, banal, insipid, milquetoast.
vulgar (adjective)
profane, low, chintzy, glaring, philistine, depraved, gaudy, colloquial, rude, crass, ill-bred, coarse-grained, barbaric, unseemly, rough, rank, tactless, base, revolting, brutish, inelegant, boorish, vulgar, ignominious, broad, earthy, undignified, offensive, obscene, indelicate, cheap, tawdry, unrefined, scandalous, clumsy, shameless, degraded, graceless, brazen, unpolished, coarse, garish, barnyard, crude, animal, raw, unbecoming, gross, in bad taste, homespun, idiomatic, repulsive, salty, common, sleazy, cockney, sordid, outlandish, ignoble.


monstrous, unappealing, grotesque, grim, unattractive, taste. style.

Other synonyms:

rancid. sour, uncultured, nasty, churlish, watery, uncouth. barbarian, uncultivated, uncivilized. bad. unpalatable

Usage examples for tasteless

  1. But she had the revived convalescent's ardour to embrace things positive while they were not knocking at the door; dreams were abhorrent to her, tasteless and innutritious; she cast herself on the flood, relying on his towering strength and mastery of men and events to bring her to some safe landing- the dream of hearts athirst for facts. – The Tragic Comedians, Complete by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  2. So she choked and sucked her sweets at the same time, and found them salt and tasteless – The Ghost Ship by Richard Middleton
  3. He went on up the road to North Hill House and felt the evening had grown tasteless without her. – The Spinners by Eden Phillpotts