Synonyms for Serpentine:


all (adjective)
snaky, snakelike.
complicated (adjective)
convoluted (adjective)
coiled, labyrinthine, circuitous, winding, zigzag, tortuous, convoluted, turning, meandering, whorled, twisting.
crooked (adjective)
cunning (adjective)
ingenious, foxy, astute, designing, devious, artful, deft, cunning, masterly, subtle, smooth, slippery, canny, scheming, snaky, sly, quick, witty, tricky, wily, masterful, wary, skillful, sharp, clever, slick, shrewd, feline, crafty, calculating.
curved (adjective)
curved, crooked, bent, hanging, arched, rounded, bowed, hooked, sagging, parabolic.
flexuous (adjective)
winding; sly (adjective)
foxy, wily, clever, artful, crafty, circuitous, twisting, shrewd, convoluted, meandering, snakelike, Meandrous, anfractuous, curved, snaky, slick, cunning, subtle, sinuous.


serpentine (noun)
snaky, curved, curving, snakelike.
snakelike (noun)
twisted, sinuous.

Other synonyms:

Meandrous, anfractuous, flexuous, ridged. longitudinal, diagonal. continuous, sinuous, oblique. parallel. solid.

Usage examples for serpentine

  1. In these extemporised wells these fishes are found always in pairs, and I when brought to the surface they glide rapidly over the ground with a serpentine motion. – Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon by J. Emerson Tennent
  2. They stood up on both sides of it, straight and trim as walls, high above our heads as we sat on our horses; and the lane was so serpentine that we could never see further than a few yards ahead; while, towards the end, it kept turning so much in one direction that we seemed to be following the circumference of a little circle. – Wilfrid Cumbermede by George MacDonald