Synonyms for Independent:


heterogeneous (adjective)
independent (adjective)
individualistic, self-contained, nonpartisan, self-supporting, sovereign, self-sufficient, autonomous, unconnected, self-governing, separate, on one's own, absolute, self-reliant.
nonpartisan (adjective)
fair, unbiased, just, nonpartisan, detached, unaffiliated, objective.
self-sufficient (adjective)
self-sustaining, self-sufficing.
separate (adjective)
disconnected, individual, distinct, dissociated, unrelated, unaffiliated, disassembled, separate, detached, unconnected, unglued, autonomous, severed, disjoint, Sundered, disaffiliated, fragmentary, alienated, Disintegrated.
unassisted (adjective)
willing (adjective)


apart (adverb)
distinct, disconnected.


collectivist, absolutist, colonialist, bicameral, governing, federal, governmental, democratic. decent, just, fair-minded, unbiased, legitimate, accepted, reasonable, natural, free, dependence. auxiliary, creative, budding, self-contained, deputy, acting, emeritus, designate, casual, blue-collar. bipartisan, liberal, dissident, the faithful, ministerial, apolitical, nationalist, money, front, coalition. by choice, voluntary, what you/they will, emancipated. constituent, electoral college, elector, swing voter, constituency, voter, turnout, security mom, electorate. stand-alone, in isolation, do with, unconnected, discrete, as distinct from. independent (noun)
commutative, indie, freelance, mugwump, main, autarkical, on her own, self-directed, nonsymbiotic, on their own, single-handed, unconditional, self-reliant, self-governing, nonparasitic, self-supporting, autarkic, case-by-case, on his own, nonpartisan, separatist, individual, absolute, strong-minded, on your own, nonpartizan, free living, on one's own, self-employed person, self-sufficing, unaffiliated, autonomous, item-by-item, breakaway, self-sustaining, self-sufficient, sovereign.
neutral (noun)
objective, fair.
self-reliant (noun)
confident, unconventional, individualistic.

Other synonyms:

discrete, unbiased, electoral college, emancipated, security mom, voter, just, fair-minded, swing voter, ministerial, accepted, bipartisan, elector, electorate. coalition, stand-alone, dissident, legitimate, apolitical, reasonable, natural. constituent, turnout, nationalist, fair, constituency, unconnected. do with. voluntary, liberal. front. free-living
free living.

Usage examples for independent

  1. She took her fortune now like a man; for she had been taught that a man could set her aside just because she had money, could desert her to be independent of it. – You Never Know Your Luck, Complete Being The Story Of A Matrimonial Deserter by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  2. Ah, your Excellency used independent judgment. – The Weavers, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009