Synonyms for Prepared:


fain (adjective)
prepared (adjective)
readied, Fitted, furnished, Marshaled, fostered, primed, warmed up, composed, dressed, fabricated, Devised, equipped, Drafted, fashioned, Mobilized, arranged, made, formulated, developed, Curried, Constructed, outfitted.
qualified (adjective)
ready in body or mind (adjective)
able, set, planned, framed, fit, disposed, fixed, up, processed, willing, adjusted, adapted, inclined, qualified, primed, arranged.
vigilant (adjective)
meticulous, heedful, responsible, cautious, sharp-eyed, careful, alert, ready, prudent, precise, observant, diligent, fastidious, mindful, particular, thorough, watchful, thoughtful, finical, strict, fussy, exacting, scrupulous, guarded, conscientious, regardful, attentive, vigilant, provident.


impracticable, foolproof, adapted, workable, aggressive, qualified, able, preparatory, strategic, provisional, well thought out, fit, tactical. in the wings, poised, preserved, on the verge of something, on (full) alert, on the point of doing something, frozen. prepared (noun)
braced, spread, preconditioned, inclined, fain, equipt, fitted out, up, processed, willing, embattled, disposed, oven-ready, ready, precooked, equipped.
ready (noun)


began (verb)
Embarked, Introduced, Sprang, Dawned, stemmed, Originated, Commenced, Created, Sprung, Emerged, Germinated, sprouted, initialized, hatched, Undertook, Inducted, birthed, initiated, Begun, Inaugurated, Began, conceived, started, Undertaken, Budded.
ordered (verb)
planned, framed, Righted, classified, Classed, stratified, unified, established, Methodized, integrated, settled, arranged, normalized, fixed, systematized, supported, adjusted, plotted, scheduled, structured, composed, controlled, unsnarled, Screened, programmed, cast, arrayed, typed, Charted, categorized, Subordinated, mediated, ordered, Schemed, organized, balanced, Collated, orchestrated, Devised, Rated, shaped, placed, schematized, separated, formed, stabilized, Sifted, rationalized, ranked, Marshalled, harmonized, maintained, graded, sorted, Scored, set, pigeonholed, regulated, grouped, designed.
prepared (verb)
furnished, Drafted, dressed, equipped, fabricated, developed, outfitted, made, Marshalled, Fitted, Curried, Devised, warmed up, primed, formulated, Constructed, composed, Mobilized, set, fashioned, readied, arranged, fostered.

Other synonyms:

fit. poised, able. immediate

Usage examples for prepared

  1. You wish to save me pain, I see; but I am quite prepared for what you are going to say. – The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley
  2. " I would answer no man who was not prepared to believe me," said Cosmo quietly. – Warlock o' Glenwarlock by George MacDonald
  3. And toward that end I was prepared to go to almost any length. – Sight Unseen by Mary Roberts Rinehart