Synonyms for Voice:


view, opinion, choice, address, wish, express yourself, decision, put (something) into words. songstress, comment, air, sound off, performing arts, pronounce on, formulate, singer, songster, speak out, vocalist. dialogue, characterization, Deus Ex Machina, allegory, device, dramatic irony, verbalization, establish, expression, anthropomorphic, bathos, statement, words. chorister, choirmaster, alto, chorale, vote, choirboy, participate, say-so, choirgirl, suffrage, choir, baritone, bass, chorus. animation, cut, communicate, cutaway, vent, cutting room, dub out, direct, state, tell, verbalize, direction, dub in, express, convey, dub, dub over, declare. stance, reputation, feeling, attitude, stand, viewpoint, impression, self-assessment. auxiliary verb, conjugation, auxiliary, copula, the active, DO, the conditional, the first person, aspect, the future. let out, tap out. inflection, break, imperative, twang, tremor, cadence, croak, tone, quaver. teller, presenter, conveyor, speaker, lecturer, orator, plenary. pitch, perfect pitch, musical, in time, read, rhythm, musicality, have a tin ear. all together (noun)
by unanimous vote, unanimously, without dissent.
expression, language (noun)
song, cry, utterance, mutter, articulation, roar, words, tone, intonation, sound, speech, statement, shout, yell, vocalization, vent, inflection, murmur, call, exclamation.
opinion (noun)
say-so, expression, decision, part, suffrage, say, view, vote, choice, wish.
speech (noun)
dialog, speaking, discussion, patter, vocalization, chattering, elocution, remark, locution, allocution, prattle, oration, dialect, debate, recitation, chitchat, circumlocution, babbling, speech, spoken word, oral communication, jabbering, chat, talking, report.
verbalization (noun)
expression, verbalization.
vocalist (noun)
songster, songstress.
voice (noun)
articulation, exclamation, emission, interpreter, vocalisation, intonation, vocalize, phonation, spokesperson, utterance, vocalise, pronunciation, vocalization, sound, enunciation, representative, vox, part.


express opinion; put into words (verb)
speak, articulate, air, talk, utter, vocalize, declare, enunciate, pronounce, verbalize, tell.
speak (verb)
orate, gab, jabber, babble, lecture, preach, tattle, recite, say, chatter, discuss, talk, vocalize.
voice (verb)
moan, groan, articulate, intone, utter, exclaim, mutter, pronounce, whisper, speak, enunciate, cry, emit, murmur.

Other synonyms:

permission, concession, access, priority, tell, verbalize, musicality, orator, perfect pitch, verbalization, songstress. say-so, express, entry, lecturer, songster, let out, suffrage, vocalist, conveyor, public interest. tap out, teller, plenary, entrance, statement, vent. speaker, musical, vote. declare, communicate, rhythm. expression, right. convey. read. break. pitch. articulate
sound off.
Other relevant words:
plenary, alto, representative, choice, communicate, declare, song, view, wish, formulate, musicality, let out, permission, part, suffrage, phonation, chorus, songster, bass, concession, lecturer, tell, express, conveyor, access, decision, rhythm, vox, words, vent, verbalization, spokesperson, verbalize, say-so, vocalisation, speaker, tone, expression, singer, statement, songstress, vocalist, air, call, state, shout, break, opinion, dub, baritone, convey, roar, interpreter, inflection, vocalise, yell, sound, articulation, vote, musical.

Usage examples for voice

  1. I did well to give my voice for war. – Jess by H. Rider Haggard
  2. There was a moment of silence, and then Dinah's voice went on. – The Bobbsey Twins in the Great West by Laura Lee Hope
  3. " I tell you it's not enough," one, an American voice was saying. – Nan Sherwood on the Mexican Border by Annie Roe Carr