Synonyms for Live:


active (adjective)
energetic, vivid.
all (adjective)
hot, unrecorded.
energetic, vigorous (adjective)
hot, vivid, current, active, pertinent, lively.
existent (adjective)
aware, vital, animate, alive, living, conscious.
live (adjective)
incarnate, vital, animate, alive, organic, living.


settle, come from, board, arrive, squat, settle down. arc, arc light, conscious, charge, aware, existing, alternating current, ac, brownout. germane, to the point, pertinent, salient, apposite, relevant, real, unrehearsed, applicable, appropriate. debut, evergreen, all-star, interpretive, guest, off-screen, breathe, bankable, interpretative. place, long-range, house, anti-tank, conventional, nuclear, heavy, nonnuclear, anti-personnel, antiaircraft, explosive. feed, sit, set, occupy, ingestion, concentrate, there is/are etc.. flak, calibre, caliber, dum-dum, blank, cartridge, bullet, blank cartridge, pursue, bandolier, buckshot. delight in, take/find pleasure in (doing) something, drink in, revel in, go in for, like, enjoy, have your fun. kick around, co-occur, obtain, coexist. closed-captioned, breakfast television, docudrama, call-in, bulletin, feature, documentary, docusoap, broadcast, chat show. go along, go on, bubble. chewy, chilled, crispy, crisp, cool, caramelized, calorific, buttery, cream. on air, programming, televisual, television, radio, on-screen, continuity, color, rating. incendiary, safety match, poker, matchstick, match, cord, spill. room, live out your life, manage, drop out, live by, go without. alive (noun)
life, surviving, immortal.
live (noun)
domiciliate, be, populate, glowing, unfilmed, lively, elastic, loaded, reside, subsist, in play, shack, current, domicile, resilient, whippy, charged, ringing, untaped, inhabit, people, know, living, bouncy, active, hot, experience, smoldering, unrecorded, dwell, springy, alive, reverberant, smouldering.


enjoy being alive (verb)
inhabit a dwelling (verb)
occupy, settle, reside, dwell.
live (verb)
persist, survive, reside, dwell.
make money to support living (verb)
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

coexist, antiaircraft, apposite, safety match, come from, continuity, squat, go along, bankable, televisual, salient, anti-personnel, relevant, pertinent, arrive, matchstick, board, co-occur, applicable, nonnuclear, evergreen, off-screen, on air, go without, settle down, occupy, anti-tank, germane, all-star. radio, television, cord. kick around. explosive, settle. room, spill, pursue. life, manage, breathe. match. color, heavy. alive
live by.

Usage examples for live

  1. We can live that way too." – The Reverberator by Henry James
  2. I want you to give them something to look at, something to think of, something to live for. – Dawn by Eleanor H. Porter
  3. In every way- and always- as long as you live – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells