Synonyms for Active:


active (adjective)
enterprising, eager, stirring, lively, spirited, energetic, sedulous, vivacious, industrious, busy, vibrant, assiduous, moving, about, tireless, sprightly, bustling, dynamic, animated.
athletic (adjective)
effective (adjective)
energetic (adjective)
mighty, forceful, kinetic, fresh, energetic, vigorous, spunky, vivacious, snappy, fervid, effervescent, potent, ardent, driven, peppy, puissant, zippy, mettlesome, powerful, zealous, spirited, strong.
forcible (adjective)
hardworking (adjective)
having movement (adjective)
flowing, rapid, operative, running, efficacious, bustling, functioning, rushing, effective, moving, alive, operating, going, progressive, working, pushing, astir.
involved with (adjective)
lively (adjective)
vital, brisk, vigorous, enthusiastic, mettlesome, alert, lively, animated.
moving (adjective)
going, passing, coursing, stirring, flowing, running, moving, proceeding, transiting.
running (adjective)
sharp (adjective)
very involved in activity (adjective)
alert, energetic, chipper, sprightly, sharp, brisk, industrious, aggressive, lively, intense, high-spirited, forceful, agile, nimble, zealous, on the move, dashing, busy, quick, fresh, bold, resolute, dynamic, engaged, enthusiastic, spry, animated, dexterous, eager, frisky, forcible, determined, keen, assiduous, enterprising, eventful, purposeful, daring.
vigorous (adjective)
exuberant, earnest, vigorous, lively, zippy, strenuous, industrious, agitated, ablaze, zealous, zestful, sharp, spirited, afire, passionate, excited, frisky, prolific, animated, powerful, mettlesome, puissant, fiery, strong, emphatic, hearty, enthusiastic, eager, fervent, peppy, full-blooded, energetic, potent, sprightly, burning, lusty, ardent, virile, dynamical, impassioned.


moving (adverb)


buzz, frenzy, action, Grand Central Station, awareness, madhouse, busy season, hum, peak. driving, concerned, in the process of doing something, submerged, be harnessed to, actively, complicit, serious. modern-day, at this time, immediate, present, prevailing, in progress. alkaloid, anaerobic, aerobic, chemical equation, alkaline, chemical, corrosive, catalytic, concentrated. finite, future, causative, ergative, continuous, imperfect, intransitive, imperative, impersonal. compatible, clickable, asynchronous, case-sensitive, compatibility, backward-compatible, bursty, Antivirus, best-of-breed. active (noun)
combat-ready, on the go, gymnastic, hot, athletic, brisk, practicing, active voice, activist, surface-active, activistic, on the move, proactive, busy, live, dynamical, nimble, bustling, overactive, eruptive, astir, dynamic, erupting, quick, progressive, operational, existing, acrobatic, fighting, alive, going, about, agile, involved, physical, existent, participating, active agent, in full swing, moving, lively, spry, on, open, on-duty, hyperactive, dancing, activated.
substance (noun)
active agent.

Other synonyms:

serious, working, arc, chemical, compatible, concerned, compatibility, volatile, vent, erupt, operating. crater, current. efficient
quick, rapid.

Usage examples for active

  1. Temple appears to have kept up a very active correspondence with his mistress. – The-Love-Letters-of-Dorothy-Osborne-to-Sir-William-Temple-1652-54 by Osborne, Dorothy