Synonyms for Physical:


animal (adjective)
concerning the body (adjective)
bodily, personal, fleshly, earthly, corporal, carnal.
corporal (adjective)
corporal, corporeal, bodily, carnal.
earthy (adjective)
temporal, secular, base, material, mundane, worldly, carnal, earthly, earthy.
fleshly (adjective)
material (adjective)
objective, natural, tangible, corporeal, worldly, solid, substantial, palpable, concrete, material, real.
solid (adjective)
hard, solid, stable, firm, set, dense, substantial, concrete.
substantial (adjective)
real, united, considerable, important, solid, significant, sturdy, immanent, palpable, actual, appreciable, tangible, firm, meaningful, substantial, substantive, material, bodily.
tangible, material (adjective)
materialistic, phenomenal, corporeal, objective, real, ponderable, natural, somatic, solid, substantial, palpable, concrete.


genuine, realistic, materialistic, real world, kosher, authentic, true, ponderable. dynamics, radioactive, dynamic, thermal, mechanical, kinetic, particle physics, astrophysicist, atomic, calorie, mechanics, newtonian, astrophysics, motive, aerodynamics. body, attempted, maiden, commemorative, face saving, lamely, limp, hostile, amateur, desperate, lame. amorous, obscene, suggestive, intimate, vulgar, romantic, indecent. figure, physically, matter, phenomenal, human, anatomy, body image, person. perceptible, obvious, apparent, show up, noticeable, plain, distinct, identifiable, manifest. cast, surface, appearance, look, externals, Styling, effect, under/in the guise of, aspect, face. biopsy, checkup, amniocentesis, check, CAT scan, diagnosis, blood test, CT-SCAN, autopsy, cervical smear. nuzzle, kiss, caress, ruffle, hug, pat, cuddle, embrace, hold. physical (noun)
material, forcible, personal, corporeal, natural, energetic, physiological, strong-arm, fleshly, corporal, physiologic, somatic, sensual, carnal, tangible, forceful, bodily, touchable, animal, active.

Other synonyms:

human, apparent, genuine, body image, realistic. animal, person, physically, kosher, true, phenomenal, authentic. anatomy. figure. Other relevant words:
active, surface, energetic, animal, checkup, materialistic, fleshly, forceful, forcible, true, human, phenomenal, apparent, perceptible, touchable, check, obvious, physiologic, ponderable, dynamic, physiological, body, physically, anatomy, realistic, somatic, authentic, manifest, personal, figure, strong-arm, plain, matter, genuine, sensual.

Usage examples for physical

  1. Among the many physical advantages Roger held over other men not the least was his height. – The Great Mogul by Louis Tracy
  2. Perhaps also the latter realized that physical force was not on their side. – The Russian Revolution; The Jugo-Slav Movement by Alexander Petrunkevitch, Samuel Northrup Harper, Frank Alfred Golder, Robert Joseph Kerner
  3. His physical condition was poor. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart