Synonyms for Meaning:


all (adjective)
connotative (adjective)


cherub, composition, format, flavor, homage, aesthetic, legend, effect, draftsmanship, commission. purport, acceptation, sense, subtext, Significancy, value, usage. burden, representational, unambiguous, tendency, well-defined, aim, illocutionary, telling, symbolic, indicative. mark, target, view, planned, intention, design, ambition, objective, end, goal, why, object. idea. express, show, meaningful, expressive, eloquent, significant. bearing (noun)
communication (noun)
effect (noun)
idea (noun)
importance (noun)
status, gravity, importance, predominance, priority, stress, emphasis, eminence, weight.
intention (noun)
intention, aim (noun)
end, purpose, goal, design, interest, idea, object, intent.
meaning (noun)
significance, tenor, idea, definition, topic, indication, crux, explanation, intent, purpose, subject, gist, pith, relevance, point, thrust, implication, upshot, drift, denotation, connotation, description, message, interpretation.
message, signification (noun)
denotation, pith, upshot, acceptation, connotation, definition, tenor, suggestion, worth, subject, significance, thrust, interpretation, purport, implication, drift, gist, effect, sense, value, explanation, symbolization, point.


intending (verb)
Choosing, Minding, Considering, Intending, Aiming, resolving, planning, Expecting, scheming, wishing, Proposing, Endeavoring.
meaning (verb)
Denoting, Connoting, Describing, defining, Indicating, Explaining, Signifying, Implying.
sense (verb)
symbolization, interest, object, purport, suggestion, worth, application, aim, intrinsic value.

Other synonyms:

importance, acceptation. goal, Significancy, subtext, intention, expressive. usage, value, why, tendency. eloquent, target, ambition. object. objective. view. sense. end. mark. import
Other relevant words:
acceptation, homage, draftsmanship, purport, effect, unambiguous, worth, burden, aim, Significancy, emphasis, significant, end, symbolic, show, telling, intention, suggestion, mark, connotation, priority, express, meaningful, planned, ambition, stress, illocutionary, target, well-defined, status, flavor, application, commission, idea, cherub, representational, why, tendency, predominance, view, objective, object, gravity, eminence, importance, expressive, format, symbolization, legend, interest, weight, usage, subtext, aesthetic, indicative, goal, value, composition, eloquent, sense, design.

Usage examples for meaning

  1. Now, as she said them, a new meaning seemed to play about them. – Little Sister Snow by Frances Little
  2. I felt sometimes as if I had been out into the world for a moment, had known the meaning that women have for men. – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens
  3. What is the meaning of relatively stronger? – Rollo's Philosophy. [Air] by Jacob Abbott